Latvia is one of the best countries where students from all over the world come to study abroad. There is a reason why this country is so popular amongst the international students and why people want to study in Latvia. It is because the education system in Latvia is really great for the foreign as well as the local students.

So, if you are someone who got a chance to study in Latvia, then it is great news for you. Pack your bags and set out for a wonderful educational year. But what happens after you complete your education in Latvia? Well, given the positives that the country has, you’d probably want to stay back in Latvia and gain some experience in working. Here’s why it is a great decision, and what are the options to stay back and work in Latvia after studies.

Stay Back and Work In Latvia After Studies

Stay Back in Latvia after Studies:

Latvia has a provision of international students to stay back in the country. The international students who are pursuing a masters in Latvia are allowed to stay back in Latvia for the duration of six months once the study program is over. The students can opt for an internship in Latvia and have that ever valuable international experience, or they can seek for permanent employment to elongate their stay in Latvia. 

Latvia student Visa Work Permit:

Working while studying is a great way to fund your expenses when you are studying abroad. If an international student wants to work and study in Latvia, he needs to apply for part time work permit in Latvia. There are restrictions on working hours for international students, and that is 20 hours a week. For the separate work permit in Latvia, students are required to present an employment contract with the employer to the authorities.

To get the benefit of international work exposure with the help of stay back and work permit in Latvia you need to study PhD or masters in the country, for that, you will require student Permit. Here are details about the study permit.

Study visa for Latvia

  • To get the visa for studies in Latvia you will require the following documents:
  • A valid Passport for more than three months of intended stay in Latvia
  • A recent passport photograph
  • Proof of your intended residence in Latvia
  • Latvia Invitation Letter for Visa approved by the OCMA.
  • Bank Statement of the Last 3 months showing that student is able to support him or herself financially during their stay in Latvia.
  • Previous Educational transcripts and their photocopies.
  • Travel Insurance.

Get more information here: Student visa for Latvia

Reasons Why Universities in Latvia for International Students are Great:

Most students who have studied in the top universities in Latvia would want to stay back and get Latvia work permit here. Why do you ask? Well, there are many reasons why Latvia is a popular country for staying back and working. We are about to list a few of them for you.

1. Latvia is Multi-Ethnic:

If there is one thing that we love about Latvia, it would definitely be the multi-ethnicity that we find in here. In Latvia, most of the foreign students will be able to find a group of people of their ethnicity. Same is the scenario in the workplaces of Latvia as well. If you stay back and work in Latvia, you will be floored by the different cultures and the people that they have in here. You might even find someone from your own country.

2. World-Class Jobs in Latvia:

Latvia boasts of a collection of different industries that are the best for the foreign students. It means that you can have a job in any industry that you want, provided you are qualified for that. Well, to be honest, this is one of the best things about Latvia. Most people who study in here want to stay back because they have so many wonderful opportunities for a job.

3. The Only Language You Have To Know In Here Is English:

Well, most people don’t want to stay back in other countries because they feel like it is not okay for them to not know the language. If you are working in Latvia, that is not going to be a problem. All you need is a proper grip in English and you will be absolutely fine. Don’t worry if you don’t know any other language.

4. It’s a Welcoming And Safe Country:

Latvia is definitely different from the countries like America where the crime rates are very high. Especially for those from different backgrounds. It is a country where everyone is friendly towards everyone. Also, it is a safe place for the foreign students who want to stay back and work in Latvia. When you get a chance to work here, don’t miss it.

How to get PR in Latvia after Study:

The rules to get a Permanent residency in Latvia in simple. One must own a residence permit in Latvia for 5 years before applying for a Permanent Residency in Latvia. The application, as it is the case with any country, will be evaluated on the individual basis and the 5 years of residence permit does not guarantee a permanent residency.

Out of those 5 years, one must be physically present in Latvia for at least four years. After living in the country for 10 years, one can apply for the Latvian citizenship. However, keep in mind that Latvia does not recognise dual citizenship.

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