Feb 26, 2019

Why Choose Germany for Masters in Information Technology in 2019

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Information Technology is one of the most emerging courses in last decade. The IT professionals are in demand all over the world and in every industry. If you have pursued your previous studies, or bachelors in Information Technology fields, Germany makes a strong case for you to pursue your masters in Information Technology in Germany. Here are the top reasons why you should study Masters in Information Technology in Germany:​

Why Choose Germany for Masters in Information Technology

1. Germany and Technology:

Germany is one the most developed countries in the world. The digitisation is at peak in Germany and even ahead of country’s European counterparts. Studying master in information technology guarantees you a valuable exposure to the best of the field and number of opportunities. From Public Services to people skills and business digitisation, Germany is on the path of technological advancement, and more than that, it is striving for more. German Universities offer not only courses for master in information technology, but also the industrial training to the students. Apart from Information Technology and Computer Science, there are many programs that offer Dual Study in Germany.

Top Universities in Germany for Information Technology:

  1. Technical University of Munich
  2. KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  3. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  4. RWTH Aachen University
  5. Technical University of Berlin

2. Information Technology Jobs in Germany:

Germany is Europe’s largest economy, and world’s third largest economy. There are number of Multinational organisations in Germany along with medium sized tech-firms and start ups in Germany to work as a Computer Engineer in Germany. The Multinational firms also have their subsidiaries in Europe and in many countries around the world providing career opportunities after master of information technology in Germany.

Each organisation or a company, regardless of the business category they fall in, needs and IT department. IT professionals are needed in every business. Studying Master in Information Technology in Germany is a good way to make yourself employable in the field, not only in Germany, but across the globe.

3. High Information Technology Salary in Germany:

The Information Technology training and courses in Germany are rigorous. However, there are more than compensating rewards once you complete master in information technology in Germany. Additionally, there is a shortage of IT professionals in Europe and USA. There is a shortage in supply against the demand which only makes salaries higher for the Information and Technology professionals. In Germany an average salary for IT employee is around 4000 euros a month. Information Technology and Computer Science are ever changing and advancing fields, and one needs to be in touch with the changing technologies. When you study and train in a country like Germany, it gives you an edge that will make you more employable and highly paid candidate.

4. Study Information Technology in Germany in English:

One of the benefits of studying Information Technology in Germany is, you do not need to know German Language. Of course, knowing an additional language is always an advantage, and it will help you in Germany. However it is not mandatory to know the language to study master in information technology in Germany. There are number of English Taught Information Technology Syllabus available in Top Universities for international students. You can choose any of them to study information technology in Germany in English.

For more details, check out: Study in Germany in English

5. Affordable Tuition Fees and Other Costs:

While most of the public universities in the country offer Study in Germany for Free, the private Universities in Germany has tuition fees for the master in information technology courses. The Tuition fees, however are very affordable compared to other European countries and also the English Speaking countries like Canada, USA and UK.

Compared to its neighbouring countries in Europe, the cost of living in Germany is also affordable. You can study and work in Germany to help with the tuition fees and living expenses. Find out more about fees and affordability here: Fees and Affordability in Germany

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