Europe’s manufacturing giant has been a great place for students all around the world to pursue their higher education. Study in Germany after 12th is one of the options to start early if one is willing to study abroad. There are number of options to check for, whether the student is from Arts, Commerce or the Science stream. Here are all the options to Study in Germany after 12th, for a bachelor’s program.

Study in Germany after 12th

Bachelors in Germany

The Universities in Germany are known for their quality education, research facilities, and technological advancement. 45 of the Universities in Germany are ranked among the top ranked Universities in the world by QS rankings. Even apart from these 45, number of German educational institutions are known for their international standards and up to date curriculum for the courses offered. Here are options to study in Germany after 12th:

Study in Germany after 12th Commerce:

Economics and Finance:

Economics and Finance are some of the most sought after degrees for the commerce students after 12th commerce, there are number of opportunities worldwide, once one graduates from a German University.

Top German Universities for Economics and Finance Courses:


Accounting and Finance is another course for the commerce students to look forward to. As for the economics, the opportunities are endless. After the course is over, one can pursue further studies for the Masters, or can look for the jobs. The universities and degrees from Germany are recognized globally. Here are Universities:


Nothing comes close to a Business and Management course, not only for commerce students, but for everyone who has just completed 12th. The Business and Management courses open up the doors to MBA in future and it is one of the most preferred career path all over the world. The course many of the students prefer is Bsc in Business Management / Administration.

Here are some of the business schools in Germany to look forward to:

Study in Germany after 12th Arts:

If a student is from the Arts background, the country has the best course to offer in Arts, design and architecture for the international students. The students can enroll directly into one of these courses to study in Germany after 12th:

  1. Practical Filmmaking
  2. Photography
  3. Graphic Design and Visual Communication
  4. Architecture
  5. Interior Design

Study in Germany after 12th Science:

Best Engineering Colleges in Germany:

Germany is arguably the best place for the engineers to be in. The automation giant leads the pack when it comes to Engineering. What is better than to start an engineering degree right after you have completed your 12th science? Here are some of the best universities, not only in Germany, but in the world to study engineering.

BSc in Germany

Natural or Pure Sciences, like physics, chemistry and biology are another great disciplines to look forward to in Germany if one has just completed their schooling and wants to study in Germany after 12th science. As we have mentioned, the Universities are research heavy, and invests a lot in science, technology and the research surrounding them. Here are top universities in Germany to study a Bachelor in Science after 12th:

Study in Germany in English

The Universities in Germany, even the state funded Universities which offer the free education, have English taught programs. This makes Germany a lucrative option for the international student who want to study in Germany in English. The students don’t need to be a proficient German speaker or reader to study bachelor degree in Germany taught in English. Knowing just the English Language works. However, one have to prove the proficiency in English one way or another.

Study in Germany without IELTS

Not only you can study in Germany in English, It is not mandatory to prove the English language proficiency by tests like IELTS. The IELTS scores are not the only way to prove the language proficiency. If your medium of instruction (MOI) for your previous education is in English, there are some universities where you can get admission in Germany University without IELTS. Here is how: Study in Germany without IELTS

Study in Germany Requirements

There are many requirements to study in Germany after 12th apart from english language proficiency. Here are the general requirements to study in Germany for international students.

  • Mark sheets of 10+2 with at least 55 - 60%
  • English Language requirement as per University
  • A Valid Passport
  • Resume / CV
  • Application Letters and Letters of Recommendation if necessary.

These are just the general requirement to study in Germany after 12th. The eligibility criteria will change with courses and universities. It is important to research the university requirements before applying on the official University websites. Student should also be aware of the Application Deadline for German Universities, which vary with the universities, too. Here is the step by step guide for the Students: Admissions Process to Visa : Study in Germany

Study in Germany Scholarships:

The public Universities in Germany lets  you study in Germany for Free. However, the competition in the public Universities are quite high, and it is not possible for everyone to make it to them as there are limited intake. The private universities in Germany can cost the students, especially for the medical and management courses. There are grants and scholarships to study in Germany to help students with tuition fees and other living expenses. Here are all the scholarships to explore: Study in Germany Scholarships

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