Applying for a German visa can be a simple process. You have to just submit all the documents and clear the interview. You wait for a long anxiously to hear about the outcome of your visa application. If the visa application is accepted. Congratulations, you are ready to fly to Germany. But it will be discouraging to get a negative response. But why was your German visa denied? This article will list some of the most common reasons and also suggest ways to obtain a visa.  

Germany Student Visa Rejection: Reasons and appeals

Germany student visa rejection reasons

Despite Germany student visa rejection rate being very low, the German government can still reject your student visa for some reason such as a poor financial status, low academic performance, or lack of interview preparation, etc. Here are the most common reasons for rejections of your German student visa application: 

1. Lack of Financial Stability

The German embassy will ensure that students traveling to Germany have sufficient financial support to pay for study and living expenses such as accommodation, food, travel, etc. This means that you will have to provide proof of enough financial support as a requirement of your visa application. The best way of proving financial proof is through a German blocked account. It is a bank account through which you can withdraw an amount of €861 per month, but not more. This is one of the most important requirements, so failure to duly fulfill this one, will lead to a visa rejection. 


2. Lack of Satisfactory Academic Achievements

Germany is highly-regarded for its education system. Applying to universities in Germany for your further studies means that you are applying to study in one of the most competitive educational systems in the world. To make sure that students entering Germany are motivated and skilled enough to successfully complete their study program, the German Embassy needs to know that they have enough academic potential. A poor grade in your previous education presents that you are not skilled enough to get through the German education system. This might result in your visa getting rejected.


3. Inability to Meet the Language Requirements

If students are not able to meet the language requirements, their student visa application might get rejected. If your study course is in the German language, you will be interviewed in German. If you fail to answer the visa officer’s questions, they will conclude that you are unable to understand lectures in German and will not pass the exams. This will lead to the refusal of your German student visa. The same goes for the English-taught courses in Germany. If you have low grades in English proficiency tests, the visa officer will doubt your skills to succeed academically in Germany. As a result, he/she will probably reject your application for a student visa. 


4. Unrelated Choice of the Study

The study choice is also a factor in whether your student visa to Germany gets approved or not. Your visa application might be rejected when you apply for an academic field that is not related to your previous one. For example, If you have chosen a Master’s, for example, that is not related to your bachelor’s degree and you have no experience, then the officers might question your intentions. 


5. Your Profile Is Deemed Unfit

Germany looks for educated minds. The visa officers have a set of skills in their mind which they think students traveling to Germany should have for the development of the country. If your field of study might appear unnecessary to the German authorities, they might reject your visa application.


6. Poor Interview Performance

Clearing your interview successfully is vital if you wish to be granted a student visa. Failing to properly answer the questions of the visa officers, misbehaving, or not being able to provide enough information when they ask you about specifics could lead to a visa refusal. If you go to the student visa interview unprepared and fail to answer simple questions, the visa officer will doubt the sincerity and seriousness to study in Germany. It is vital to portray a good impression to the visa officers during the interview. 


7. Lack of Sufficient Travel Health Insurance

The law in Germany requires international students to obtain health insurance while they reside in Germany. But, for international students getting health insurance begins before entering Germany as it is needed for the student visa application. You must provide proof of health insurance during your German visa application process, and if you fail to do so might result in the rejection of your visa.

8. Incomplete Set of Documents

Each document required for the student visa for Germany application is important in its way and might determine whether you get your student visa or not. So, make sure that you go through the list properly without failing to provide any of the documents to avoid visa rejection.


What to do after German Student Visa Rejection?

As we have already mentioned, Germany visa rejection rate is low, so you should not lose hope. There is a saying that life always gives a second chance, so do not get disappointed even if in the first instance the visa gets rejected. Here’s what you can do if your german student visa application gets rejected: 

Write an Appeal Letter

  • The Embassy will advise you to appeal within one month if you think the rejection was incorrect. The appeal letter should be written on an objective basis. In other words, you should state why you think the rejection was incorrect. For this firstly you have to identify the reasons that led to the rejection. You should identify the basis of fact or law to be reconsidered. The appeal letter has to be in a convincing manner providing strong reasons. Some more pieces of evidence can be presented to prove the eligibility and reverse the rejection decision.  
  • You should know that each embassy has its appointed time within which you must submit your appeal letter. Also please note, that submitting an appeal letter does not guarantee that you will be granted your visa. 

Reapply for Your Student Visa

You also have a chance of re-applying for your student visa to Germany. You can solve the reasons behind the rejection and reapply with a fee of 60 EUR. The processing time is around 25 days. But for this to succeed, you must identify and learn from your mistakes. Gather all the necessary documents, prepare for the interview correctly, and correct the reasons which might have contributed to the student visa rejection in the first place.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it easy to get Germany student visa?

The application process is pretty simple if you have all the required documents. However, you should make sure to go prepared for the interview. You should have proper and complete paperwork. A single mistake can lead to the rejection of a visa application.

What if my German visa is rejected?

Do not worry that your German visa got rejected. There are always opportunities available to once again apply for the same visa based on your eligibility. You should take care that you do not repeat the mistakes you did in your first application. You also have the option of appealing against the decision of the embassy.

How do I appeal a German refusal visa?

The applicant may appeal for the German visa refusal within one month by filing an action with the Administrative Court in Berlin. The applicant also has the option of appealing to the Court (also within one month) against the initial decision instead of remonstrating with the mission.

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