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More than 250,000 international students pursue their higher education in  France. The benefits of studying abroad in France are indefinite. It offers a unique academic experience to any student seeking a sophisticated and dynamic environment to thrive in. Are you thinking of studying in France? If yes, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will present you with the complete list of requirements to Study in France as an International Student.


Requirements to Study in France as an International Student


Documents required for the admission application process

If you are applying to any university in France, you need to meet certain requirements. You need to submit some of the important documents while applying. These documents serve as proof of their skills, abilities, nationality, and identity. Universities ask for documents depending on the student's study level and course of study. However, to study in France, you will need the following documents:

Application form - The Application form is the entry form that you need to fill accurately to get admission to your chosen university. You can fill the application forms online or offline depending on the availability of application forms. 

A valid passport - Copy of your passport(mandatory first and last page).

Updated Resume/CV. - You need to send your resume that includes personal details like your educational background and skill sets, Skype id, Email id, and Contact No.  

Academic documents and Certificates  - You need to send the academic certificates in support of your educational qualifications. If you are applying for undergraduate studies you need to send the SSC and higher secondary certificate to the university. And, if you have completed a bachelor’s degree then you need to share your degree certificate and the mark sheets. The Academic Certificates include

  1. 10th Grade Transcripts & Certificate.
  2. 12th Grade Transcripts & Certificate.
  3. Bachelor’s Transcripts & Degree (for Masters/PG Programs Only). 
  4. Master’s Transcripts & Degree (if available). 
  5. Diploma Transcripts & Certificate (if available). 
  6. Other Diplomas/Certificates (if available. 

Language Proficiency Test Scores - For admission to any University in France, you need to take the English or French language tests to prove your language efficiency. According to the medium of instruction, you should take your language exams and present scores to the universities.

Two letters of recommendation - A Recommendation letter is a letter requested to be written about us by someone. University wants to know what others think about you, to assess the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities to perform a particular task the universities ask for in the Letter of Recommendation form. 

Statement of Purpose -  A Statement of Purpose, reflects your personality in front of the admission committee for getting enrolled in universities abroad. It is the chance of impressing the admission officer by presenting a profile strongly through an essay that describes your personality traits, which are not portrayed in academic documents. It should also include your goals and the career path they have taken up so far and your academic progress. 

Passport size Photograph - You need to concentrate on these photos. You need to arrange the correct sized and latest photographs to apply. If you do not attach the correct sized photographs your application may get rejected.

Experience letters (If any) - If you are applying for any Business Program you must have experience in the relevant field to get admission to any Business School in France. If you are applying for an undergraduate course you don’t need to have any experience. The main documents you can present to proof of work experience include

  1. Latest Joining Letter.
  2. Latest Salary Slip.
  3. Employment Certificates from all Previous Employers.

Language requirements for Universities in France

Most degrees are taught in French in Universities in France, but you will find various study programs taught in English. Specifically at Masters and Ph.D. levels. Universities in France accept the following language tests:

For French proficiency

  • DELF or DALF
  • TCF

For English proficiency

  • IELTS Academic(International English Language Testing System)
  • TOEFL iBT( Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • PTE Academic(Pearson Test of English)

Each university sets a minimum grade or mark for language tests. Always check which tests are accepted by your university and what's the minimum passing score they require to accept international students. To Study in France in English, check this out: How Much IELTS band required for France to get into Top University?

Student visa Requirements to Study in France as an International Student

To enter France to attend your classes, you will require a student visa. For the application for a student visa, you would need to submit some of the important documents. You will have to make an account with Campus France and book an appointment. You will also need to pay the visa application fees and upload the visa documents. The list of documents required is mentioned below:

  • Fill the Student Visa Application form. You can download it from Campus France website and take a printout of the form.
  • An official acceptance letter for the study program at a French university.
  • Language test score results
  • 2 photographs must be connected
  • A Passport having at least 2 blank pages which are legitimate for no less than 3 months beyond the return date and copies of your past visas are required.
  • Health/Medical Insurance of €30,000 minimum. You can find details here: Student visa for France
  • You will also need a cover letter stating the reason for a visit to France and an agenda, confirmation of returning to the home country after completion of your studies in  France.
  • Evidence of your status i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.
  • Proof of adequate funds to survive in France during your studies. 

We hope this article was helpful for you. For any additional details, you can visit the website of the university. There you will find the exact requirements for the course and visa documents list. You can connect with our expert for any queries. Feel free to reach us.!!

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