France has announced that from 1st July international students will be allowed to enter in the country coming from anywhere and that their visa and residence permit requests will be given priority. Many European nations had confirmed several weeks ago that they would open their external borders on Monday, but France only gave the official consent on Friday. 

France Will allow Entry of International Students from July

In the statement of Interior Minister of France, Christophe Castaner and foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian on June 12 said that in view of the favourable conditions of the health situation in France and other countries of Europe as well as in accordance with the advice of the European Commission, France will withdraw all restrictions on movement at its internal European borders on the morning of June 15th which was put in place to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The European Commission recommended that from June 15th all EU and Schengen Zone countries should withdraw their internal border restrictions for travel for European peoples, although the final decision will be in the hands of individual countries.

With other top study abroad destinations still delaying at the decision of end of the lockdown, stakeholders in France say this is an important signal to international students, as to how France is so dedicated towards its international students. The international students will be allowed to travel to France, whatever their home country is, the arrangements for their reception will be easy and smooth. 

The spokesperson of Campus France, Florent Bonaventure said that the government of  French is following its ambition to welcome more and more international students to study in France. Giving them priority shows its commitment to the strategy of welcoming in France. It recognises their important contribution to the excellence of universities and research.

Yuva Johansson, a European commissioner of home affairs, said that they are proposing a clear and flexible theory towards withdrawing restrictions on travel to the EU .“While we will all have to remain careful, the time has come to make concrete preparations for lifting restrictions with countries whose health situation is similar to the EU’s and for resuming visa operations.”

Visa services

France is among the EU countries that the European Commission has recommended reopening to international visitors as of 1st July, advising that processing of visa and arrangements for incoming international students should be looked after as a priority.

The United Kingdom also again started  services On June 9  in eight Asian countries

Sweden also started services in China, as well as in Nigeria.

Many European nations have resumed their services of visa issuance to popular international students markets over the last few weeks. Along with Portugal, Denmark and Norway.

Although travelling of people was restricted by France from April, but like some other European countries, France did not totally close its borders. People travelling from Europe were allowed to enter the country only for essential reasons and had to produce an international travel permit to the authorities at the border.

Health and Safety Measure

  • After lifting up the restrictions, the only restriction which will remain in place for some of the travellers is a quarantine recommendation. Most countries of Europe are against it, but Spain and the UK have imposed quarantines on international arrivals for 14 days, and France has said that it will also quarantine the people coming from these countries on the principle of reciprocity. However, there will be voluntary quarantine in France which means there will be no forcing or fine handed out, people on arrival will be "invited" to be in observation for a 14 days period of self-isolation.

  • For travellers coming from outside the EU, UK or the Schengen Zone, restrictions remain in place, at least for some time.

  • The European Commission proposes a gradual reopening of external borders from 1st July, but only for specific countries with the health situation in the country being the main criteria.

  • Once you have entered into France, you must follow some strict lockdown rules. However, some rules such as the 100km travel limit, have now been relaxed but there are still some rules that you need to be aware of.

Here are the few lockdown rules that you will need to obey in France:

  1. No public gatherings of more than 10 people.

  2. Wearing Masks is compulsory in all the public transport, in many shops and public buildings.

  3. Not getting closer to anyone less than 1m.

  4. You should not travel from outside of Europe for any non-essential reasons.

  5. Workplaces in France have been gradually opened since May 11th, but at present, the government asks to work from home as much as possible.

  6. Even though a lot of venues are reopening in France but not all have been given the permission just yet, with cinemas set to reopen on 22nd of June.

  7. You are not allowed to play any rugby or football matches or concerts

  8. Make sure to follow the changed traffic rules as local authorities have declared many streets off-limits to cars.

It is obviously good news for international students who want to pursue their studies in France and build their career. But we also advise you to take care of your health along with pursuing your education as there is still a risk of this epidemic disease.

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