Study in France has long been on the list of aspiring students willing to study abroad. Quality Education and after studies opportunities along with the affordability factor makes France an unmissable study abroad destination. For Indian Students who want to study in France, things are looking optimistic. Recently, the Consul General of France in Mumbai, Sonia Barbry had good news for Indian Students.

An Effort to Strengthen Indo-France Relationship

On 22nd August 2019, French Prime Minister Emanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had their first bilateral meeting near Paris in Chateau de Chantilly. Both the leaders acknowledged how similar both the countries are in terms of regional and global issues, along with the importance of the Indo-French relationship for both the nations. Educational cooperation was also part of their talk to develop the person-to-person and cultural relationship between India and France. In March 2018, an MoU was also signed between India and France to recognise each other’s degrees of different levels. 

Target to Increase Indian Students Studying in France

According to Barbry, the goal is to increase person to person economic ties between India and France. Five years ago, there were 3000 students in France. In 2019, France had a target of 10,000 Indian Students studying in France. With that being successfully achieved this year, France now aims to have 20,000 Indian Students studying in France by 2025, double the number than it is right now.

Consul General Sonia Barbry has been connected with India for the last 22 years in one way or another. In her twenties, she came to India in a student exchange program for six months, and came back to India later. She has also taught French in Banaras Hindu University. She also emphasised on the cultural exposure Indian Students will get when they opt to study in France.

According to her, France is an open country which can offer a large number of opportunities. There are a number of Benefits of Studying in France for Indian Students. Earlier this year, Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Foreign Minister also spoke on tightening the strategic relationship between two countries by increasing the number of Indian Students in France.

Study in France for Indian Students:

As we have mentioned, there are a number of benefits for Indian Students in France. Though, there are some requirements to study in France they need to fulfil before they are enrolled in a university. For the visa, they need to apply through Campus France India website. With the student visa, comes the France student visa work permit of 20 hours a week, which is there for all the international students in France enrolled for the full-time programs.

French Scholarships for Indian Students:

There is a large number of scholarships offered by the French government, Universities in France and other scholarships providing entities. Students can get a scholarship of up to 10000 euros. To begin with, study in France is comparatively cheaper than in other European countries. Since 2019, a bachelor’s degree in a public university in France would cost 2773 euros a year whereas a master’s degree would cost 3773 euros a year for international students. For English-taught courses, these costs are attractively affordable compared to other countries like the UK and the USA. You can find the full list of scholarships to study in France here: Study in France Scholarships

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