There are many top-class universities in France. There are many opportunities presented to international students when they Study in France. Same is the case with the Engineering. The top ranked Universities attract number of students to pursue Engineering in France. However, Private Universities in France can be a costly affair for some of us, and the well known universities are highly competitive to get into. Here we are talking about some of the most affordable universities to pursue engineering in France.

10 Most Affordable Universities to Study Engineering in France

Engineering in France

When one wants to Study in France, there are number of options available for the international students. Engineering is one of those prestigious and one of the most rewarding programs in France. The Universities are extremely in line with international standards of education, and the research is highly emphasized. Engineering in France is sought by many international students from the engineering background, at Universities that are highly ranked not only in Europe, but also across the globe.

Engineering Universities in France for International Students:

France is known for its Grande Ecoles, especially when it comes to technical education and research heavy programs. Which basically means the Engineering courses are taught at Grande Ecoles. They are independent institutions operating outside of Public Universities in France, and as we mentioned, they are known for their technological and research advancements. That however, does not mean the universities do not offer a well structured engineering programs. Both Public and private universities in France offer the engineering programs for bachelors and masters that are universally accepted. While the Public universities in France are extremely affordable, the private universities in France can be costlier. Find out more about tuition fees and other living expenses here: Cost of Living and Studying in France | Fees and other Expenses

Public Universities in France:


QS University Ranking

University Courses to Look Forward Tuition Fees: EUR/Year (Approx)
801-1000 University of Cergy-Pontoise  Bachelor in Computer Science 189
348 University of Strasbourg  Computational Engineering 610
- University of Burgundy Advanced Electronic Systems Engineering 1243
701-750 University of Lorraine Master of Subterranean Reservoirs of Energy 2000
- Georgia Institute of Technology  Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering 3813
239 University of Paris-Sud  Computer Science 6000
801-1000 University of Nantes  Masters in Electronic Systems and Electrical  Engineering 7000

Grande Ecoles in France:

QS University Ranking

University Courses to Look Forward Tuition Fees (Approx)
305 Ecole Normale Superieure  Bachelor of Computer Science 0
- Central School of Lyon  General Engineering 2500
65 Ecole Polytechnique  Polytechnicien Program Engineer 15000

Engineering Universities in France in English:

Fees are not the only advantage here. Most of the STEM and management programs at the top universities in France are taught in English. The Engineering universities in France are English taught universities, so that universities can attract more and more international students, and after the graduation, candidates can be universally employable where English is the language of business. All the major Universities in France mentioned here has English taught courses. To know more on that, read: Study in France in English

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