Canadian High Commission has now launched a new students’ visa process, SDS, in practice from the 9th of June, 2018. This process is launched for the aspirants from India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. SDS stands from Study Direct Stream. This will serve as a good news for the students willing to study abroad, as now they will have a large number of options to choose from, from courses to colleges. It will also fasten up the visa process. Here is a detailed list and information about SDS Canada for Indian Students.

List of Top SDS Colleges in Canada

SDS provides a streamlined application process for students’ visa. SDS program is an alliance of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and Canadian Visa Office in India. SDS is done in cooperation with Scotia Bank, which is leading Education Loan provider in Canada for Indian Student. Qualified students will be provided with GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) amounting to 10000$ which will cover for their one-year expenses and SDS Program.


The most significant difference from older SPP (Student Partnership Program) to newer SDS will be that all the colleges and universities with registered DLI number will come under this program, which will open up a larger number of seats compared to only 47 institutions before. In addition, the documentation will also decrease under SDS.


To be eligible to SDS, the student must have IELTS scores, which has been taken within the past two years, with a minimum band of 6.5 for all the eligible fields, as stated below:


Minimum IELTS Band Required


no less than 6.0


no less than 6.0


no less than 6.0


no less than 6.0

Now, if the eligibility criteria are met, here is the list of the colleges, which fall under the SDS program in Canada:

List of SDS Colleges in Ontario:

List of SDS Colleges in British Columbia:

List of SDS Colleges in Alberta:

List of SDS Colleges in Manitoba: (Govt.)

List of SDS Colleges in Saskatchewan: (Govt.)

List of SDS Colleges in Quebec:

Lasalle College-Quebec

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