For those who want to experience the best of studying abroad, you could always study in Canada. Well, there are certain things that you might need to know about Canada first. Things like student visa and much more details should be paid attention to.

Well,if you are looking for a student visa to study in Canada, then you probably might want to look into the SPP or the Student Partnership Program in Canada. This program is one of the most prominent partnerships that happened between the ACCC and the CIC of Canada. This particular arrangement is something that a few Canadian institutes follow to offer the students a proper visa in Canada.

Now you must be thinking what exactly the aim of the program is. Well, the entire objective of the SPP in Canada is to make sure that more and more Indian students are offered with Canadian student visa. They also want to make the procedure efficient and fast.

Knowing All About SPP In Canada

Applying To SPP

If you are a student, then applying for SPP wouldn’t really have to be a process. All you have to do is apply for a particular college that is on the participant list of the program. Those applicants whose applications meet the expectations and the requirements of the program are the one that gets considered to the SPP. For Canada student visa, this particular program is the best one so far. We do recommend that you send the application for consideration 3 months ahead of the starting of the course.

There is a compulsory medical exam that you need to go to for submitting the visa application to study in Canada. You will get some more details about the other things such as the application process as well. 

Application Process For SPP In Canada

For submitting your application in an efficient way, there are different steps that you need to follow. The steps involved are really easy and you will surely get a chance to apply for SPP. The steps are really not that different from the other steps that you need to take for applying to the other colleges and universities in Canada. One helpful tip for you. You have to have an IELTS score above 6 for applying to SPP. Follow these simple steps to apply.

  • Select a particular college or university which is a participant in SPP. Select your choice of course as well

  • Make sure that you are well prepared for all the required tests and examinations

  • Apply for the course admission into the college

  • Go for the medical examination that is demanded in an application of SPP

  • Make sure that you have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate

  • All you have to do next is apply for the Canada student visa and hope that you get accepted

Working Opportunities In The Country Under SPP

The work opportunities and the work visa are provided to all the foreign students. Those students who have graduated successfully from any Canada university, whether SPP or not being allowed to get a work visa. There are other requirements that you have to follow for getting your work visa.

So, that’s all you need to know about SPP in Canada.  

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