May 14, 2018

Cost of living in Canada 2018-2019: Tuition Fees & Other Expenses

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Many of us who want to study abroad, at one point have been thinking about the finances. Study in Canada is no exception. If you are willing to Study here, a thought about cost of living in Canada must have crossed your mind. International students in Canada are increasing day by day, and the phenomena does not look like a passing thing. It will only increase. If you are going to be one of those fortunate, we are here to give you an idea about cost of living in Canada for international students.

Well, it turns out that living in Canada is not going to be easy if you don’t have your finances figured out before moving. For that, you need to find out the cost of living in Canada. So, how do you start with that? Canada is certainly a big country and that is the reason why there will be many expenses that you have to bear once you are in Canada

Figuring Out the Tuition Fees in Canada 2018-2019:

The tuition fees in Canada for international students are higher than what locals pay.  That brings up the Study in Canada expenses a little high. However, Canada is still cheaper than many western countries to Study Abroad. Given below is the List of Universities in Canada and their tuition fees:


Average Canada University fees in USD

University of Toronto


McGill University


University of British Columbia


University of Alberta


McMaster University


Montreal University

Less than 2000

University of Waterloo


Western University


University of Calgary


Queen’s University



Here is the detailed breakup of Canada University fees 2018-2019 as per the level of studies:

1. Tuition Fees in Canada For The Undergraduate Students

Those who are at an undergraduate level have to pay an average amount of CA$25,180 (~US$20,540) in a year. At least that’s what the statistics say in Canada. Well, the students who have Humanities and Arts as their subject have to pay a little less than the students who are pursuing medicine and engineering degrees in Canada. Figuring out the tuition fee for your undergraduate course will help you determine the cost of Study in Canada.

2. Tuition Fees in Canada For Post-Graduate Students

Compared to the undergraduate students, the fees for the post-graduation ones are a bit cheaper. The students who are pursuing a post-graduate degree have to pay an average amount of CA$16,252 in Canada. That is certainly a lot less in comparison to the undergraduate degrees.

However, post-graduate MBA degrees can be a bit expensive and the average amount stands at CA$29,293.

Cost of Living in Canada:

Here is the list of most expensive cities as per living expenses in Canada for international students:

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Toronto, Ontario
  3. Victoria, British Columbia
  4. Calgary, Alberta
  5. Hamilton-Burlington, Ontario

As per Canada Student Visa requirements, students are required to have CA$10000 in their account on top of tuition fees, one may require much more than for a year. For example, according to the above list, cost of living in Toronto for student is much higher than other places.

Here are Average Cost of Living in Canada:

  • Eating Out: CA$15
  • Local public Transport (One-Way): CA$3.10
  • Bread: CA$2.76
  • Movie Ticket: CA$13
  • Health Insurance (Compulsory): CA$600

For those students who have moved to study in Canada, finding a place of accommodation is important.  A larger part of cost of living in Canada will be made of this aspect. Well, there are so many options of accommodation right? For those who want to stay near campus, there is the dormitory and the hostels nearby. The cost is reasonable as well. However, the more expensive and independent option would be to rent an apartment. The cost of living in Canada varies from apartment to apartment.

Accomodation Costs in Canada:

City in Canada

Accommodation Types

Cost of Living in Canada

Internet Charges


Small Apartment



Student Dorms



Small Apartment



Student Dorms



Small Apartment



Student Dorms



Application Fees And Canada Student Visa:

This is another requirement for determining the cost of living in Canada. You need to make sure that you have the Canada student visa. Canada Student Visa Fees are $150.

Some Universities in Canada, like University of Toronto (CA$90), have application fees. So, one must consider that amount as cost of living in Canada if applicable. The Canada University fees for application will change per University.

Financial Aid and Study Abroad Scholarships:

As seen earlier, Tuition fees in Canada can be on the higher side, adding that to accommodation and living costs in Canada, it can really dent not only your finances, but also your Study in Canada dreams. Study Abroad Scholarships helps students in tackling the living costs in Canada. Another Practical solution is to study and work in Canada simultaneously. International students in Canada can cover their expenses by means of studying and working together at a part-time job.

Keeping all the above things in mind, it is really hard to come to a definite number as it willl vary with individuals and cities in Canada. The average living cost in Canada per month without rent and academics in Toronto can be somewhere around $900-$1000, and in Montreal it will be $700-$950. For detailed University Fees and Scholarships, check out: Cost of Living in Canada | Fees and other Expenses

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