In a first, immigrants who are willing to enroll for the French Courses in Quebec will get a financial assistance. Not only that, the courses that have always been free, will now accept any immigrant willing to enrol in the Full-Time and Part-Time Courses. Previously, only immigrants living in Quebec for less than five years were eligible. These courses will be available for international students studying in Quebec, too. The existing students in Canada can also benefit from them and can join according to their convenience, get financial assistance, learn a new language while doing that and apply for the French taught courses offered at Universities in Quebec.

Free French Courses in Quebec & Financial Assistance for International Students

Learn French in Canada for Free

The French courses offered by the Government of Quebec to Immigrants have become more accessible to international students and other immigrants since July 2019. The courses are classroom courses offered by Ministry of Immigration.

Anyone with an immigrant status in Quebec can take up full-time and part-time Franch courses offered by the Quebec Government. For international students, it can help with their part-time work and learning for the courses like health, nursing care, engineering and applied sciences, administration, law and business.

Before this, only immigrants eligible were the individuals living in Quebec for less than five years were eligible for the French Courses. However, with the new rule, any immigrant can have the access to these courses.

Who is Eligible?

Any Immigrant, Temporary Workers, International Students, and their spouses are eligible for the Free French courses in Quebec along with the financial assistance.

Financial Assistance:

Not only more people are eligible for the courses now, there is a financial assistance available for the international students, too. That is an additional benefit that can help you with Cost of Study and Living in Canada. Here are the figures:

Full-Time French Courses in Quebec:

Duration 25 to 30 Hours a Week
Level Beginner and Intermediate
Financial Assistance (Previously 141 CAD)     185 CAD Participation AllowanceTransportation AllowancesChildcare Allowance

Part-Time French Courses in Quebec:


4 / 6 / 9 / 12 Hours a Week
Level Beginner and Intermediate
Financial Assistance
(Was not Provided Before)
CAD 15 Per Day 
CAD 9 Per Day for Child Care or Dependent
(Previously was CAD 7)

Thus, an international student can learn French for free in Canada, get financial assistance upto 185 CAD, and can join the French taught programs offered in Quebec.

Work and Learn French in Quebec

The working professionals can also learn French Courses in Quebec for free, along with the temporary workers. As we have mentioned, learning French can help individuals from health, nursing, engineering and applied sciences, administration, law and business fields. For them, the courses are a little advanced level, and the financial aid is CAD 15 per day, along with CAD 9 per day for Childcare. Previously, there were no allowances available for people who were working and learning French.

Other Top Schools to Learn French Courses in Quebec

Apart from these, there are many Language Schools in Quebec offering both full-time and part-time French courses, here are some of the most known among the students to check out:

  • BLI Quebec, Quebec City
  • The French School, Montreal
  • École multiethnique de langues et des cultures du Québec, Montreal
  • Québec Monde Ecole De Français, Quebec City

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