Australia has been one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students over the years. Along with the USA, Canada and the UK, Australia is one of the top four destinations for Indian students. Here, we are taking a closer look at the latest ups and downs for in terms of numbers with Indian Students in Australia. What are the patterns and trends in the numbers of Indian students applying to study in Australia, acceptance rate by the immigration, and much more to discuss.

Indian Students in Australia: Latest Trends and Insights

Indians in Australia Education Sector over the Years:

As one can see, there has been a gradual increase in the number of Indian Students in Australia. While the number of Indian students were 15,800 in 2015-16, the number of Indian students in australia 2019 increased to 35,400, an increase of close to 123%. The number of Indian students in Australia has more than doubled in just four years. For 4 months of the present year (2020), the number of Indian students in Australia is around 7664.

Level of Study 2016-17 2017-18  2018-19
Higher Education 19471 26083 35463
Vocational Education 940 1781 1480
Others 609 720 672
Total 21020 28584 37615

Trend: Indian Students in Australia

Indian Students in Australia: Latest Trends and Insights

Chart 1: Number of Indian Students in Australia over the years

What are the Reasons?

There are Two main Reasons to Study in Australia for Indian students.

Best Courses for Indian students in Australia

Universities in Australia offer some of the best courses and programs to international students coming to Australia. For Indian students in Australia, there are a number of options to choose from. From Engineering and Science, to banking and Finance, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the top courses to study in Australia for Indian Students:
  1. Business & Management
  2. Medicine 
  3. Accounting
  4. Law
  5. Creative Arts and Design

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Part Time Jobs in Australia for Indian Students

Indian students in Australia can work for 20 hours a week at part-time jobs. Not only do these part-time jobs help students with valuable work experience, they also provide financial support for day to day living costs and help then lighten it. Almost every Indian student enrolling into an Australian University looks forward to working while studying in Australia.

Job Prospects for Indian Students in Australia

For the Indians students in Australia who have just finished their education, there are opportunities to stay back and work in Australia. Indians students who have completed their higher education in Australia for two years, are eligible for up to four years of stay back and work in Australia. With Australian education and your stay in Australia, you will find it convenient to work in Australia. Here is all you need to know: Post Study Work Visa in Australia might be Extended up to 4 Years

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Indian Students in Australia Statistics for Visa Grants

When it comes to Indian students, the average visa granting rate by Australian Immigration has been pretty stable. For 2017, the average acceptance rate over the year was 86.54%, in 2018, the average acceptance rate for the Indian students was 87.15%. In 2019, the acceptance rate took a hit with August 2019 experiencing the lowest acceptance rate of 55.9%. However, things have been looking bright since then, and September saw a growth with 77.7%. In October, the acceptance rate was again close to the average: 81.8. Here is how it went:

Acceptance Rate for Indian Students in Australia
Month 2017 2018 2019
January 93.7 94.3 87.5
February 90.9 92.2 89.3
March 84 77 77.3
April 82.6 77 70.7
May 78 89.9 73.1
June 88.2 96.1 82.9
July 88.8 94.5 75.4
August 86.9 85.2 55.9
Septemeber 80 86.7 77.7
October 85.7 84.4 81.8
November 85 84.7 NA
December 94.7 83.8 NA

Trends: Visa Acceptance Rates for Indian Students in Australia

Indian Students in Australia: Latest Trends and Insights

Chart 2: Visa Acceptance Rate for Indian Students in Australia

Some Numbers are Dropping:

Though the statistics are promising and the visa acceptance rates are normal, the total number of Indian students in Australia might decrease as there is a deficit in the number of students applying for student visa in Australia. Since August 2019, the number of students according to the lodgement data has been less for the same months the previous year. Here is the comparison:

Month 2017 2018 2019
August 824 1348 1073
September 736 2209 1449
October 1371 3677 1995

Trends: Decrease in the Lodgement for Student Visa in Australia

Indian Students in Australia: Latest Trends and Insights

Chart 3: Comparing Indian Student Lodgement in Australia over the Years

As one can clearly see from the redline denoting the trends of 2019, the number of lodgment for Indians Students in Australia is clearly dropping compared to the previous year’s green line. Here is why:

What are the Reasons?

One of the reasons why there is a drop in the numbers is, UK’s reintroduction to 2 year stay back. Here, you can read the full story: Post Study Work Visa in UK to be Extended up to 2 Years from 2021. With UK back with 2 years of Stay Back, more and more students are looking forward to the UK and not Australia. One of the reasons is also the inconsistent refusal of the student visa proposal of international students. As we have mentioned earlier, Australia faces direct competition from English-speaking countries like the USA, UK and Canada. With roadblocks like visa refusal, students tend to move towards other countries rather than Australia.

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