After the USA, the United Kingdom has long been a favourite among the international students willing to study abroad. Recently, due to the changes introduced in 2012, the Post Study Work Visa in UK was reduced to four months for international students. That resulted in a decline in the number of international students choosing the UK as their study abroad destination. After Brexit, UK is looking forward to welcoming more and more international students to its shores, and as a welcome change, a piece of good news comes for international students from UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration). Here is all you need to know about:

Post Study Work Visa in UK Latest News:

From Summer 2021, international students graduating from UK Universities can stay back in UK after studies for two years and look for employment. The student graduating in and after Summer of 2021 are eligible for Stay Back in UK for two years. This comes as a welcome change after the stay back time was reduced to a mere four months in 2012 by then-President Theresa May. Last month, Jo Johnson, Universities Minister campaigned for the same and his bill was approved by Home Secretary Rashid Javid. You can read more about that here. This comes as good news for students aspiring to study in UK, as the stay back period is extended to two years.

Can International Students Work in UK after Graduation?

As of 2019, the PSW UK or Post Study Work Visa was extended to six months from the previous stay back period of four months. However, many thought that a six-month period was not enough for an international student willing to stay back and settle in the UK by finding suitable employment that will sponsor their work visa. Also, there was a cap on the work visas granted, meaning only a certain number of people were granted work visa in UK.

However, the cap on the work visas was removed this year, and coming this 2021, the stay back period allowed to foreign graduates has been extended, too. Now, International Students studying in UK can Stay Back after graduation for up to two years. There is no limited number of Visa too, therefore anyone who lands a job is eligible for the work visa in UK.

Additionally, the students are allowed to work in UK regardless of the subject and skill of their graduation. In short, students are not strictly required to find work in their respective field of study to be eligible for the work visa in UK. The changes will help UK to increase the number of international students in the country, which is currently 4,60,000. UK aims to have 6,00,000 international students in 2030. Many in the countries believe that international students are essential to the UK’s economy and the changes in the Stay Back rule are one way to increase that number.

Post Study Work visa UK for Indian Students:

Indians are the largest number of beneficiaries from these rule changes in Post Study Work Visa and extension in Stay Back Period extending the permit to two years. In the year 2017, more than 16000 Indian Students were studying in UK. Before 2012, China and India made the most number of foreign students in UK. With these rule changes, the trends are expected to change again, with many Indian Students wanting to study abroad are expected to study in UK for Spetember 2020.

UK Visa for PhD Holders:

Earlier this year, the cap on Post Study Work Visa in UK after PhD was also removed. This translates to no limit on a number of visas granted for the students who have finished their PhD in UK. The move was very welcomed and appreciated by the international community. Now, the same rule of an infinite number of work visas can be granted to all the graduated who have finished their study in UK, that too with employment in any field of work.

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