Who has not heard about the beautiful country called Australia! The land of Kangaroos and cricket is now one of the most sought after study-destinations of the world. International students from all corners of the world dream of getting a chance to study in Australia and a large number of them make it every year. The craze for studying in Australia is due to the fact that the country offers its students top quality of education at the most affordable costs. But whenever a student thinks of going abroad to pursue higher education, there are a lot of questions and doubts that arise in his or minds. What is the process of admission? What are the requirements? How to finally go to an Australian university? Well, take a deep breath, sit back, relax, and read on!

Application Process for UG and PG Courses in Australia 2018

Let us begin by telling you that the application procedures for the undergraduate and post-graduate courses are not exactly the same in all aspects. However, there are a lot of common requirements. Let us inform you about those, first. Remember that the three most important factors for you to study abroad in Australia are language proficiency tests, transcripts, and passport.

Language Proficiency

All of us know that Australians speak English, and are happy about it. This fact saves us from the trouble of learning another language as a part of our plans to study in the universities of Australia. However, do understand that merely speaking English does not qualify you to enter the country to pursue a Masters in Australia or a Bachelors in Australia. You would need a certain level of proficiency, and whether you possess it or not would be ascertained by tests like the IELTS, or the TOEFL. Before you start worrying about which test to prepare for, let us tell you that that will depend on which test’s score the university of your choice wants from you. You will get that information from their website.


This word refers to all your academic documents. When you decide upon going abroad to pursue higher education, it is important that you have all your documented academic records ready. Almost all colleges and universities will ask you to attach your mark sheets and certificates with your application. They will expect your mark sheets to have complete information of grades and scores of every paper you ever studied. If you take our advice, keep more than one copy of every academic record.


The most basic, yet the most important factor is the passport. Every plan of yours will get aborted if this document of yours is not in order. Please ensure that you have a valid passport. The world has become a lot more vigilant about who enters which country than it was a decade ago.

Now is the time to tell you about some other things that are important, and will refine your ideas about going to study abroad in Australia.

  1. If you are planning to pursue a post-graduation course in Australia, you will be happy to know that your three-year graduation will be considered at par with a similar programme there.
  2. In some exceptional cases, the universities will require you to have studied in your country for sixteen years, or four years after your secondary exam.
  3. Almost all universities will expect you to have a first-class degree.
  4. You will need to send your enquiries related to application forms to Australian universities a year before you intend to join a course there. You may email them, or download the forms from the websites. You may also collect the forms from authorised Indian representatives of the Australian universities.
  5. Do remember that after you apply for a course or programme at an Australian university, it will typically take them a week or ten days to reply. You may utilise the time by enquiring about the visa-related procedures from the embassies in your country. In addition, you would need to arrange for funding for your course. You may use this time to arrange for bank loans, or apply for various scholarships available for international students. You will also have to arrange for accommodation in Australia, before landing there. Once you receive the Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment from an Australian university, you may apply for a student visa.

We hope that you now have a much better understanding of the entire process of going to Australia to pursue higher education. However, if you need any more information or clarifications, please feel absolutely free to get in touch with us!

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