In recent years Australia has come up as a prominent study abroad destination. Study in Australia for international students is beneficial on many levels, and the prestige is just growing every year. If you are thinking about moving to Australia, here are some of the pointers to keep in mind before flying:

5 Things to Know about Study in Australia for International Students

1. Study in Australia Cost and Other Finances:

Finances to study abroad is one of the most important parts of your academic journey, and study in Australia for international students is not exactly known for their affordable tuitions, but there are remedies for that. The first aid you can look for would be:

  • Study in Australia with Scholarships: there is a number of scholarships to study in Australia for International students. With fully paid scholarships, students can even study in Australia for Free. They are a great way to fund your study abroad along with the education loans for International Students.

  • Work and Study in Australia: To survive the tuition and living costs, one needs to work at a part-time job. The student visa in Australia allows students to work part-time for 20 hours a week, and the wages that come with a part-time job, are enough to cover the day to day expenses. Apart from the tuition, the living costs in Australia are around 1300 to 1500 AUD. You can read more about that here.

2. Study in Australia for International Students:

The Academic requirements at the Australian University can be different, and in some cases, difficult. Universities in Australia rely on both theory and practical studies. It is important to balance both the aspect of the study for international students. There is also a balance to be maintained between the job and the study if you opt for a part-time job. The international students are needed to adjust to the academic need and the methods of teaching of Australian Universities. To help you with that, Universities and their international representatives are there. Studying at the top universities can be tough and demanding for some students, but at the same time, it is rewarding, too.

3. Cultural Diversity:

Australia is a land made of the immigrants. There is a number of cultures and one realizes that as soon as he or she puts his foot on the land. People from different countries and ethnicities bring their own cultures with them, and there is a great exchange of cultural exchange happening in Australia. Few of the students might take time to adjust with the new culture and the way of living in Australia, but once it settles, Australia is a great place for an international student, with a lot to offer. Australians themselves are mostly open and very welcoming to the international students coming from the different parts of the world. There are online forums to help international students studying in Australia, too.

4. Study in Australia Requirements:

A very important step of the process is to apply for the universities, and the requirement to get an admission. There are some specific requirements to study in Australia for international students for higher education, be it the bachelors or the Masters in Australia. Though the requirements change with the courses and universities, there are some general requirements of the supporting documents along with your application with the university:

  • A class 12 education for the UG Programs, and some specific subject requirements for specialized programs. A bachelor's degree or equivalent for the Master' Programs.
  • Transcripts of the previous Study
  • Proof of Monetary Funds
  • Letters of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose
  • Health Insurance

You can read more about the admission requirements for the Australian Universities: How to Apply to Australian Universities for International Students in 2019

5. Language Requirements in Australia:

Another important requirement to know for international students is of the English language. The universities in Australia have English taught programs, and for the learning and the assignments, students are required to have some level of proficiency in English. The best way to prove one’s English language proficiency is IELTS or tests like IELTS. PTE is also a very recognized test in Australia, as immigration also recognizes the test scores for the Visa. The score requirements, just as any other country depends on the courses and Universities. You can read more on that here: IELTS Band Requirement for Australia's Top Universities

As an exception to that rule, there are also some universities that let students study in Australia without IELTS, with help of foundation and language courses, of course with some conditions.

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