Dec 15, 2018

Top Universities to Study Arts and Humanities Courses abroad

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Arts and Humanities Courses are becoming one of the most favourable study abroad courses for international students. Humanities degree has been picking up for quite some time now. Here we have introduced the arts and humanities degrees, benefits of studying humanities and top Universities for humanities according to QS world University.

Top Universities to Study Arts and Humanities Courses abroad

What is Humanities?

Humanities courses are study of human society and culture. A bachelor or Masters in humanities study natural, social and sciences of the human society and cultures. It has no specific subject structure as sciences; however, the arts and humanities courses include a vast number of studies such as modern languages, literature, philosophy, history, law, politics and religion.

Art and Humanities Degree:

As mentioned earlier, the arts and humanities degrees do not have clear paths as science streams, but it includes plethora of the subjects and specialisations to look forward. The professionals having a humanities degree can work in different places in Government, International Relations, Advertising, Philosophy, Human Development and many more.

Students who want to study humanities degree would enrol for a Bachelor in Arts, Economics or Psychology and Mass Communication. However, when you are opting for humanities courses abroad, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Best Arts and Humanities Degrees to Study Abroad:

  • Social Science and Studies

  • Religious Studies.

  • Public Administration.

  • Political Science.

  • Philosophy.

  • Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  • Ethnic and Gender Studies.

  • Cultural Studies.

Benefits of Studying Humanities Abroad:

Studying humanities courses abroad gives you some skills that are helpful to you personally and academically. Not only a humanities degree helps you professionally, but also on personal level, it is beneficial.

Studying Humanities courses add to your critical, analytical and creative thinking.

1. Oxford University, UK

=2. Harvard University, USA

=2. University of Cambridge, UK

4.  Stanford University, USA

5. University of California, Berkeley (UCB), USA

6. Yale University, USA

7. Princeton University, USA

8. University of Tokyo, Japan

9. Columbia University, USA

10. University College London (UCL) , UK

As we can see, most universities listed here are from USA and UK. However, there are many options abroad. Here is the list of countries where you can study Arts and Humanities degree abroad. Europe has the best prospects for the professionals who hold a humanities degree.

  • Humanities Courses in Europe

  • Humanities Courses in Australia

  • Humanities Courses in Canada

  • Humanities Courses in France

  • Humanities Courses in Germany

International studies offer ample number of opportunities to all the students, whether it be a science, commerce or Arts. Arts and Humanities degrees will help you with your passion and creativity, and there will be a world full of opportunities when you complete your studies.

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