AmberStudent is a platform through which students can book accommodation near their universities. As Southeast Asia's largest student accommodation provider, they are currently operational in 60+ cities (UK, US, Ireland & Australia) with more than 20,000 listings on the platform. They are also expanding into Europe, including markets like France, Germany, Italy & Sweden, among others.



How It Works

Students will have a seamless booking experience with AmberStudent.


Search: After you provide us with the student leads, including their information and where they want to find accommodations, they will be able to choose from a wide range of options according to their preferences, including low-to-high budget options and flexibility in size/occupancies.


Finalize: We provide students with round-the-clock, free & personalized assistance each step of the way. They will particularly appreciate our student-friendly initiatives such as the COVID-19 policy, under which we are offering free cancellations and relief from visa-related uncertainties (no-visa-no-pay).


Click Here to Book Now: Our executives will not only be with your students through every step of the way, but will also take care of cumbersome paperwork, including lease agreements. Students can also find out more about their home away from home from live viewing sessions and our on-the-ground property experts.

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