List of Best IELTS Preparation Books and Materials

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Scoring high bands in IELTS is not that simple. It is certain that if you want to do well in IELTS you need to have a good knowledge of the English language. Obviously the best way to develop your skills for this test is to take coaching classes. But for those who want to do self-study, you probably will need to buy a good book and take help of some of the available online material. 

IELTS Preparation Books

There are several choices when it comes to buying a good IELTS guide. We have mentioned the list of books which are the best IELTS guide:

1. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

It is the definitive guide to IELTS from the organization that presents the test – Cambridge Assessment English. This guide includes all the 4 IELTS sections (writing, speaking, reading, listening) to provide you with the useful instructions, hints and tips for attempting IELTS. It concentrates on the development of language skills and strategies of tests which help you to achieve a good band score. It also has 10 practice tests for both Academic and General Training. This guide can bring you success in  IELTS.

2. Cambridge IELTS 13

Cambridge IELTS 13 is the latest edition in Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS series. In this book, you can get an introduction of the different sections of IELTS, together with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge Assessment English along with the reliable examination papers. A comprehensive section of answers makes this perfect preparation material for candidates those you are preparing partly or entirely on their own.

3. English Collocations in Use

You should get this book if you want to sound like a native speaker. The main feature of this book is that it contains Collocations which means the combinations of words which frequently appear together, using them in the test will make your English sound more natural. It includes 60 lessons which contain several different types of topics, each contains 2 pages for the theory as well as practice exercises with more than 1,500 collocations. This book is useful for IELTS candidates who are at the intermediate level and above.

4. English Vocabulary in Use

The book named English Vocabulary in Use is known as the best selling vocabulary reference and practise book. It includes everything from basic to advanced level and is the excellent choice for IELTS candidates wanting to build their vocabulary skills. The highlights of this book are:

  • It contains 100 units, covering around 3,000 new vocabulary items.
  • Vocabulary is presented and explained on the pages which are in the left, with a wealth of innovative follow-up activities.
  • It offers the opportunity to consolidate and expand existing vocabulary.

5. New Insight into IELTS

‘New Insight into IELTS’ is an extensive preparation and practice book for IELTS. By attempting the test and learning each section in detail, the course gradually improves up the skills, language and test strategies which students need to approach IELTS with confidence. The course contains a detailed introduction of the test and a full answer key. This book is equally suitable for use in the classroom or for self-study.

6. Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams

Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams is the topmost choice of the IELTS test taker. This newly updated edition with two audio CDs prepares IELTS candidates to achieve a good score in the test.  One of the best things about it is that it has 6 IELTS practice exams in which all questions are answered with explanations. It is meant for those who want to achieve 7 bands or higher in this prestigious exam.

7. Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 & 2

This book is a comprehensive resource pack with the intention to help prepare candidates for the IELTS test. It is written by Cambridge ESOL examiners which means materials are written with many years of experience according, this pack shows candidates how each of the tests is assessed and provides excellent strategies and tips. ‘These Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 & 2’ gives samples of the Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing and tests with sample answers and comments of the examiner.

8. Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS

The advanced version of ‘Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS’ includes the vocabulary needed by IELTS candidates who are aiming for 6.5 bands and above. It also contains practise exam tasks from each paper. It also helps the student by providing useful tips on how to approach different sections of the IELTS test and covers especially tricky areas such as collocation and paraphrase.

9. IELTS Advantage Series

‘IELTS Advantage: Reading Skills’ is for those IELTS candidates who want to pass the Reading module with high bands. This book provides in-depth preparation to achieve success in the IELTS reading section, with a focus on the development of vocabulary, paraphrase training and strategies for reading effectively and understanding them easily, such as scanning, skimming, and other such strategies.

‘IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills’ is an extensive material which guides students by each step in the writing section. By using this material, developed by authors having many years of experience which helped hundreds of IELTS candidates through the exam, you can also achieve a high IELTS score.

‘IELTS Advantage: Speaking & Listening Skills’ is a comprehensive resource for all IELTS candidates. IELTS candidates can learn the different stages of the speaking and listening sections, by using lively material covering a wide range of the topics that have chances to appear in the IELTS test.

10. Improve your IELTS Skills Series

Improve your IELTS Skills series has three courses for preparation. They are Academic Writing, Academic Reading, and Listening and Speaking. These courses improve your language, skills and test techniques to help you achieve a higher IELTS band. The three books in the series may be used together as a complete course or may be used to target any specific skills as per your needs. 

Some other popular books for IELTS preparation are:

  • Cambridge IELTS Trainer with Answers
  • Cambridge Grammar for IELTS
  • Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module – How to Maximize Your Score
  • English Grammar in Use
  • Step Up to IELTS Personal Study Book with Answers 

We hope you found the list of material that we have listed above to be useful for you in IELTS. Wishing you good luck for your IELTS with a good score.