Singapore’s reputation as a leading destination for students hoping to study abroad continues with over sixteen leading foreign universities setting up centers for research and excellence in the country. There are several top-notch private education organizations in the country as well. The tuition fees are reasonable and the cost of living is comparatively lower than many of the developed nations like Study in Singapore.

Work permit and stay back option in Singapore after studies

The Application Procedure

New applications need to be submitted at least two months before and not six months from the date of commencement of the course. There is no need for the applicant to be present in Singapore while the application is being considered. Thus, students will have to apply for a Student’s Pass before coming to Singapore because no extension of stay is granted when the applications are processing. Applicants are thus advised to come to Singapore to deal with the formalities regarding issuing a student’s pass after the applications have been approved. The Student’s Pass is issued within a month from the date of commencement of the course.

Work Permits during Studying

The first thing to know about Singapore study and work visa is that the Student’s Pass that is reserved for international students of full-time courses makes a candidate eligible for working while studying. You can apply for work pass exemption to the immigration office if you want to study and earn in Singapore. There are two main criteria for work pass exemption in Singapore:

  • Enrollment in an institute approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore
  • Not being an exchange student for study modules in Singapore

If you want to work during terms, you will have to work for at least sixteen hours in a week. The company that you are working for must be under your educational institution and it must contribute to the course you are pursuing. Most of the universities in Singapore either offer on-campus work opportunities or have dedicated online job portals for the students.

Work Permits after Studying

Students looking to work after studying in Singapore also need to get a visa. This ​post study visa in Singapore is commonly recognized as a work visa. There are two categories of work after studying in Singapore namely, the skilled and semi-skilled workers and the professionals.

Skilled and semi-skilled workers:

For medium level jobs, like that of a technician, you need to get an S Pass which is open to all nationalities. Your minimum monthly income for this should be $2,200. A special work permit for foreign workers is approved for only some countries for occupations like marine, manufacturing, construction, and the likes.

Professional workers:

You will need to have an EntrePass if you do not want to work for any company and plan to start your own business. If you have the minimum salary of $3,600 and work in an executive position, you can apply for Employment Pass. Personalized Employment Pass is an advanced version of Employment Pass and you can only apply for it after you have worked under the Employment Pass.

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