Working and Studying abroad is what every international student looks forward to. Work and Study might feel like a gigantic task and something that will put your work-study-life balance. However, we are here to change your mind. There are many advantages of working while studying abroad, and here are the top reasons why you should work and study abroad:

Work and Study Abroad: Advantages of Working while Studying Abroad

1. Earn Income & Reduce College Debt

This is the most obvious of them all. This is the first thought that will come to your mind when you think about work and study together. A jab pays for your everyday expenses, living costs, social life, and much more. It simply depends on how do you want to spend it, or better than that, save it for a rainy day.

Work and Study is also a great way to fund your tuition fees for Colleges and Universities abroad.  It will help you reduce your college debts and the education loans you might have taken to support your study abroad.

2. Gain Experience

What does the most important intangible thing about having a job? You get invaluable experience both personally and professionally. Whether your job is offline or online, or the work is study-related or not, every job gives you Experience.

No matter where you work, you will get to know how a workplace operates, what is workplace hierarchy, and teamwork. It prepares you for the coming years when you will be working full time and having a career.

3. Networking

It is not always necessary that you will get part-time work in the field of your study. Nevertheless, that does not mean you should stop networking. Networking is about creating solid links with people who are from your present or future career path.

Even when you are not working in your field, you might meet people from your career path. A co-worker, a client, anyone. Make sure you create a report with them and create a link. Networking will help you in the future when you will be actually looking for a job.

4. Increase Marketability

As we have mentioned earlier, a job is always a job. A job teaches you many important skills, which you can apply at any workplace. Whether a job is part-time work or full-time, it always teaches you to think. Marketability literally means the attractiveness to potential employers, your employability. An experience at the workplace always puts you in a positive light.

5. Improvement in Time Management: Balancing Work and Study

Part-time work is a full-time task. You will always work and study together. From preparing assignments, exams and being on time for both the class and job, you will always be on a schedule.

Being on a strict schedule makes, you understand how important it is to prioritize your tasks on hand and manage them with respect to time. Just be sure to make the studies priority, and schedule everything around it. These time management skills will come in handy both personally and professionally.

6. Learn a New Language and Soft Skills

You will be working in a foreign country that does not speak your mother tongue. Of course, it sounds intimidating at first, but look at the bright side:

You will learn a new language, and interact with it. The world will always need multi-lingual people on its sides, and it is a great thing to have on your CV.

You will also develop social skills. Now, what are soft skills you ask? Soft skills are social intelligence, in simple words, it is common sense, which you do not learn in the classrooms. It is about handling practical situations and dealing with other people inflexible way. In some fields, it is more required than the acquired knowledge.

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