There are a number of options available to study abroad, for the students who have just completed their bachelor’s degree, and want to continue their education after graduation. One such course they will come across, is Master of Science. In this article, we talk about what is Master of Science and how is it different from other Masters degrees. 

What is Master of Science & how is it Different from other Masters?

What is Master of Science (MS or MSc)?

A Master of Science is a postgraduate degree offered by most universities abroad, in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, etc. A Master of Science is often related to just the science-related programs, however, there are a number of MS programs offered in business, Finance, Psychology and Sociology. The possibilities are endless. Here are some of the most preferred MS degrees abroad:

Top MSc Courses:

  • Master of Science in Engineering
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Medicine & Healthcare
  • Master of Science in Natural Sciences
  • Master of Science in Finance 

The Master of Science is generally a one or two-year degree for international students. Most of the European countries offer two-year MS degrees. The exception is the UK here, where the Master of Science is one-year courses for most subjects. USA also has a number of one-year MS courses to offer. Courses like medicine, MS degree in Engineering and IT can take longer than the usual courses, with medical courses going up to 6 years. 

A Masters in Science degree does not require a specific Bachelor of Science degree for the eligibility, however, a bachelor degree in the relevant subject is required.

The MS degrees are, as the name suggests, Master level degrees. The courses are highly considered and accepted worldwide, and they are respected everywhere in the world. The tuition fees for these MS courses vary on the nature of course, the university you want to study in, and of course the country. The tuition fees can range from US$4500 (3990 EUR) to US$39500 (35000 EUR) a year.

Should I go for an MS or for other Masters?

Now, it important to know what you want out of your program abroad. Then you can decide whether you should go for a Master of Science, or other specific Masters. MS courses are very advanced and detailed. They focus on one field of study and concentrate on developing the student's knowledge accordingly. You can choose an MS course if you:

  • If you are interested in knowing how things work, and technology
  • If you are good in analytics, logical reasoning and problem solving
  • If you are good with numbers
  • If you are always interested in practical problem solving
  • If you want to learn something practical, you like lab work and research

Given below are the detailed comparisons of MS and other Masters, so you can decide better:

Master of Arts vs Master of Science:

As the names suggest, the postgraduate courses for Arts and Science are quite different. The main difference between the two, is the fields of study they focus on. The MS courses can be for science, technology, Mathematics, and other related courses. The Art courses are more related to class studies, essays and other fine arts. On the other hand, the Master of Science courses are more practical, lab-oriented, and research-based. 

We have already mentioned some of the top course for the Masters in Science above, here are some of the Top Courses for Master of Arts:

MRes (Master of Research) vs MS (Master of Science) Degree:

While the Master of Science programs also involve research, there are seminars and classroom teachings, too. They are closer to an undergraduate program in terms of teaching. Master of Science is picked by the students who want advanced knowledge of a subject, and look forward to learning more about it in detail.

A Masters in Research program is for students who are willing to conduct research in a specific subject. The courses are not bound by the classrooms. The students are allowed to continue their research, mostly with a supervisor. The courses are for the students who want to research something specific, and get the jobs that are related to research in nature.

How to Study MS Abroad?

Now that you are clear what Master of Science stands for, here are the steps of applying to one of the courses for MS at a University Abroad. Now there are a few things you need to consider once you decide to pursue your MS Abroad. The first step is to decide the course and university. Here are top countries to study MS abroad:

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. France

The next step is to check the eligibility for the course you are willing to study, and find out the requirements for the university. Keep your finances ready and make your supporting documents handy. Here are things to consider while applying for MS abroad: Things to consider when Choosing Masters Degree Program Abroad

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