Jan 10, 2019

Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University Dual Degree Program for Indian Students

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A dual degree, sometimes called joint degree or a double degree, is a program where the students study for two different universities at once, and they are rewarded two degrees at the end of the program. Bachelor’s Dual Degrees are more common than master’s degree. Many a time, the degrees are pursued in different countries, just like the one we are talking about. For Indian students, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Columbia University USA have introduced dual degree programs for Indian students.

Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University Dual Degree Program for Indian Students

Dual Degree at Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University USA:

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin and the Columbia University, New York have introduced their Fine Arts (BA) dual degree for Indian students recently, and now Indian students who are willing to study abroad can enrol for a dual bachelor's degree, where the first two years will be at Trinity College Dublin, and the other two will be at Columbia University. After the completion of the program, the student will get two bachelor’s degree from both the Universities.

About the Universities:

1.Trinity College Dublin:

Modelled after the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, it is one of the prestigious universities not only in Ireland or Europe, but also across the globe. The research output from the University is very high.

Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin

QS University Ranking


THE University Ranking


Average Tuition Fees


Total Students



2. Columbia University USA:

The oldest university of New York, and fifth oldest education institution in US, Columbia is another University known for its high research output. It is United State’s one of the most selective institutes, with the acceptance rate below than 6%.

Columbia University USA

QS University Ranking


THE University Ranking


Average Tuition Fees


Total Students



Which are the Dual Degree Programs you can Pursue?

The Dual Degree Bachelor’s Program is divided into two parts. For first two years, students will study for one of the four programs at Trinity College Dublin. The subjects to choose from:

  • English

  • European Studies

  • History

  • Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures

For the next two years, student will study at Columbia University in USA, in one of the approved majors for the dual degree. These are the options available based on the program you choose for the first two years at Trinity College Dublin:

Trinity University Dublin

Approved Columbia University Majors



European Studies

  • French
  • German Literature and Cultural History
  • History
  • Hispanic Studies
  • Italian
  • Political Science
  • Slavic Studies



Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures

  • Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies
  • Religion
  • History

How to Apply?

The Application process for Dual degree at Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University is slightly different. Here is the application process:

  1. The Application process is online; however, you are advised to download a pdf application form (for reference only) before actual online application.

  2. Proofs of Academic History are required.

  3. You will have to articulate an application essay, and letters of recommendation might also be required.

  4. Specialised Test Scores (SAT or ACT)

  5. English Language Proficiency (IELTS 7, 6.5 in Each module / TOEFL 94)

  6. There will be an interview, which will be conducted in English.

Once the admission process is over and application is submitted with required documents, a joint selection committee will review the application.

Timeline for Fall Intake:


Applications Open


Application Deadline

Early February

Financial Application Deadline

Mid February - Mid March

Interview Notification

Late February - Early March



Admission Decision


Student Acceptance Reply

The Indian Country Advisor at Trinity College Dublin, Nilanjana Sihn said on this, “Indian students have proved their mettle in universities and careers across the world. I am proud to launch this important new programme in India which was earlier launched in New York in the month of February.”

As we have mentioned, at the end of the program, the student will get two bachelor's degrees, one from each University. The Programs concentrate on liberal arts education, spanning not only across two nations, but two continents: Europe and America.

Need anymore information on admission and Universities to pursue a Dual Degree? Put your queries in the comment box below.

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