Jan 8, 2019

Loans for Students made Easy for Unreserved Students in Gujarat

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When you think of study abroad, one of the major aspects of the process are the monetary funds. The finances have proven a barrier to many of aspiring students. Government of Gujarat have made the Loans for students an easy task with some of the changes, which will benefit the students.

Government of Gujarat increased the benefits to the non-reserved students. The annual limits of income to assistance for unreserved students has been increased. Moreover, the assistance provided to the students of this category is also broadened in terms of Loans for students to study abroad.

What are the benefits?

  • Gujarat Unreserved Educational and Economical Development Corporation will provide students from non-reserved category a loan for student to study abroad of up to 15 Lakh.

  • The limit to avail the benefits, the income limit has also been increased. The annual income before was 4.5 lakhs. Whereas now, students whose kin have an annual income up to 6 Lakh can also get the benefits.

Aim to Increase Support for Loans for Students:

The Gujarat Unreserved Educational and Economical Development Corporation’s aim is to provide financial aid to non-reserved students with student fees, tuition, preparation, food and other coaching expenses.

The other objectives of the corporation is to help students from unreserved category with study abroad and different types of employment.

Who are Eligible for the financial assistance and Student Loan?

1. Any student who is willing to pursue higher education abroad, from any stream and specialisation is eligible to get the Loans for students. Before this, only medical students were eligible.

2. Students who are willing to study outside Gujarat in national recognised IIMs, IITs, NIFT, NID and Nirma Institutions.

The education also supports the students from unreserved category, as we have mentioned above with assistance in job offerings and education in India as well as study abroad.

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