Nov 15, 2018

Difference Between Studying Masters in USA vs Europe

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Masters Programs in USA, or at a European University? If you are confused about where to pursue the Masters degree, we have a comparison of Masters in Europe and Masters in USA. Seven important factors are taken into the account while comparing masters in US vs. Europe.

Difference Between Studying Masters in USA vs Europe

1. Admission Process

The admission process is different everywhere. Not just among the countries, but within the Universities of the same countries, too. Sometimes they even differ on courses level. Therefore, there is no holy grail to admission in either US Universities or Europe. However, when looked at the bigger picture, there are some differences we can find:

The admission process in US Universities has a very official approach to the application process. You will be required to take exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT for academics and TOEFL, IELTS for English language. There will be number f proofs and documents required. Personal interviews will be required in some cases, too.

Read Masters in USA Requirements: Application Process to study at US Universities.

Europe on the other hand, will look at the process with a different perspective. The application process is more individual and the student’s abilities are looked on more than test results and certificates. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not require any documents to study in Europe. There are some basic requirements that are always needed to be fulfilled.

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2. Tuition Fees

When it comes to cost of studying in USA for international students, the country comes on the pricier side of the matters. US Universities are infamous or pricey University fees and costly education. The Average fees a year to study masters in USA falls between 5000 to 50000 USD. The education is in general costly in USA.

On the other hand Europe is famous for publicly funded education in countries like Germany, Denmark and Austria. However, that is not the case everywhere. In UK, the education can be as costly as USA. The cost of study in Europe will depend highly on the country, and the European University you choose.

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3. Student Life

If you have researched anything about the US campus life and US Universities, you will know how they are heavy on the sports and extra-curricular activities. The dorm cultures here are absolutely an experience every international student will thrive for. There is a lot to do on and off-campus besides the studies when you are at one of Universities in USA. 

When it comes to European University, they are more traditional regarding their teaching methods and overall approach to the University learning. This in no way means that studying at a European University is not fun. They are closer to the cities, and beaming with international students from all around the world. The approach is more academic when compared to US Universities. Find out more at: Student life in Europe

4. Study in USA vs. Study in Europe

Now this is something that will contradict what we have just said above. The classes in US Universities are more interactive, and student oriented. You can walk up to your professor, if needed anything. The assignments are there throughout the semester, and the GPA is calculated on overall performance across the year.

Study in USA: Colleges, Universities, Application Process, Cost and Visa Information

European University, on the other hand, has classes with more capacity, many things are learnt online, and the exams are most likely to come at the end of the semester. European Universities are focused on the way of thinking more than teaching the courses just as they are.

Study in Europe: Colleges, Universities, Application Process, Cost and Visa Information

5. Courses on offer

Both the countries run head to head when it comes to Masters Degree. We cannot simply compare the courses and quality of them. The only difference between them is how they are taught and the content they hold subject-wise.

The US Universities are more concentrated in the subjects. The Majors and minors play a big part in subjects you study and the credits you are rewarded for them. A European University rely more on traditional methods (again). They rely more on basics, and before moving to advanced studies, the concentration is more on a solid base.

6. Exam Structure

As you might have understood, the studies and assessments in US Universities run throughout the year. There are regular tests and assignments, and the overall contribution to the course is considered while grading a student at the end of the semester.

European University has a different exam structure. The exams, mostly called ‘finals’ are taken at the end of the year, and hold a significant weightage on the final grades. The exams are of 1.5 to 2 hours. The students are assessed and grades are given considering the performance in the exams that are taken at the end of the year.

7. Life off-campus

Both US and Europe are large when it comes to land. Fun fact, they are also similar in land area is Russia is excluded. USA is for people who love to be on the road.  You can have a memorable road trip with your college friends from US Universities, visit the concerts and music festivals across the country, and spend your leisure time in national parks, metropolitans or the beaches.

Europe has always been heaven to people who are into travelling. When you are not studying at your European University, you can just take a stroll in the city you are in; and the European history will take you in. If the wanderlust is still there, take a Eurail pass, and you are allowed to travel in 28 European countries. Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin are just the few of the cities that will be brought to your doorstep when you study in Europe.

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