The Netherlands, or Holland as it is popularly known, is a constitutional monarchy with one of the most stable economies in all of Europe. The capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam but the seat of the government is at The Hague.

The Dutch system of higher education enjoys a worldwide reputation for high quality that is achieved through a national system of regulation and quality assurance.

With over 2,100 English-taught international programs in continental Europe, it’s no surprise that study in Netherlands is a good destination for school-leavers starting their tertiary education journey.

Best things to study in Netherlands

Ranked as one of the safest countries in the world, the Netherlands is also among the top 10 happiest countries on the planet.

Dutch universities usually offer fewer societies, so students take part in activities in their town or city – such as unpaid sports teams and local choirs. Children in the Netherlands are brought up playing several sports from a young age and, unlike in England, they keep this up as they get older.

At Universities in Netherlands, students normally have classes for around 40 weeks each year. This may sound hellish to British students who are used to a month off at Easter and Christmas - in the Netherlands you get a maximum of two weeks off for these holidays.

There is more time for academic reading and assignments – this helps in reducing stress levels and means you can pursue other interests without affecting your grades.

Why Should I Apply? Why Study in Netherlands?

  • One of the wealthiest nations of the world
  • More than 4 Dutch universities placed among 100 best universities of the world
  • Education offered at highly subsidized rate
  • Hub of international business
  • Highly liberal mind set and accommodating population
  • Excellent student cities with best of infrastructure
  • All most all courses offered in English for International Students
  • Easy access to surrounding countries of Europe for employment
  • Offers safe environment for international students
  • A multicultural society with highly accommodating nature
  • Excellent quality of life
  • In the forefront of creativity and innovation
  • Pioneers in many areas

How much does it Cost to Study in Netherlands

Regardless of whether you have the scholarship or not, it's important to know how much it costs to study abroad in Netherlands. If you have a scholarship for study in Netherlands, how far will that amount get you anyway? And if you don't have a scholarship, how much should you expect to spend?

Like the United States, this varies from university to university and, especially in the case of graduate programs, from degree to degree. The cost of study in Netherlands is approximately €800-1,100 a month for a student but can vary depending on the life style. You might actually be surprised at how affordable the tuition at some of these institutions is.

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