Jun 4, 2019

Best Countries with Free Education for International Students 2019-20

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One of the many factors to consider when thinking about study abroad, is the financial aspect of the whole. In most of the cases, it is expensive. However, there are some countries with free education on offer, and some of them with the minimal tuition fees, that help both domestic and international students in studying abroad for free. Here, we are talking about top countries to study abroad for the international students, which offer education for free, or at very low costs:

Free Education in Germany:

By far the most known country in the list, German government funds the education for the higher studies, regardless of the nationality. This means, that a student from Germany, or from EU or not from EU, everyone can apply to Study in the state funded universities to study in Germany in English for Free. The public universities in Germany are completely tuition free. International students have to pay minimal semester fees however, but that is all. The universities are top ranked and among the best in the world. Read More: Study in Germany for Free

Free Education in Norway:

Just like Germany, Norway offers free education for all the students, whether EU or Non-EU. International students do not have to pay tuition fees at the universities in Norway for the higher education. The private universities in Norway charge fees from the international students. It is important to be noted here that the universities are tuition free, but Norway comes with the higher living expenses than other countries, even by the European standards.

Free Education in Finland:

Finland is conditional when it comes to free education. The public universities in Finland are free for the Finnish and EU students. The courses offered in Swedish and Finnish languages are free for all, too. However, if you are an international students wanting to enroll in the English taught courses, there are tuition fees.

Other Countries with Free Education for International Students:

Free Education in Denmark:

The universities in Denmark offer free education to the students coming from Denmark, EU and Switzerland. Also, if you are a part of a student exchange program, there are no tuition fees at the universities in Denmark. For international students who are not the part of EU and a student exchange program have to pay fees to study in Denmark.

Free Education in Sweden:

Another country that offers free education to the students from EU countries. If you do not have an EU passport, then you are not eligible for the free education in Sweden. The country is home to many top ranked European Universities, and the quality of the education is as good as other European countries, and that is the reason many EU students opt Sweden for free education.

Free Education in Brazil

Universities in Brazil offer free education to Brazilian students and the immigrants who hold the Brazilian citizenship. Even for the international students, there are very low or minimal. There are number of state funded educational institutions with higher quality of the education and low tuition fees. However, the fees at the private universities vary according to the courses opted by the students.

There are other countries like Argentina, Greece, Cuba, Turkey, Czech Republic and Hungary that offer free education to the domestic students and not the international students, therefore we have not included in the list.

Free Education Countries for Indian Students

It is hard to find the countries that offer completely free education for the Indian students. However, the countries listed above, Germany, Norway and Finland (for only Finnish and Swedish language courses) offer free education to Indian students.

The other way is to choose for the country that offers fully paid scholarships for the international students in general, as that would include Indian students, too. Here are the options to study abroad for free for Indian students with help of Fully Paid Scholarships:

Tuition Free Universities for Masters degree:

For higher education, here are some of the top universities from the list above, where international students can also study abroad for free, be it a graduate or a postgraduate program. These universities have no tuition fees, and there are just some semester fees, or the student union membership fees, which are very affordable. Here is the list:

QS World Ranking




Technical University of Munich



University of Helsinki



Humboldt University of Berlin



Free University of Berlin



University of Bergen



University of Hamburg



University of Cologne



University of Jyvaskyla



UIT The Arctic University of Norway



Lappeenranta University of Technology



Tampere University



NHH Norwegian School of Business



Nord University



Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences



University of Vaasa



Countries with Low Tuition Fees for International Students:

There are countries that offer education for the international students at minimal costs. The English speaking countries are usually on the costlier side of the spectrum, like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Therefore, we have to look at other destinations where English taught courses are offered. Here are countries with most affordable education abroad:


Public Universities in France are some of the most affordable universities in the world, if you are looking to study at a top ranked research university that offers English Language courses. At public universities, the bachelor’s courses are offered at 2770 euros a year. Compared to other European countries, it is one of the most affordable options.


Like France, Italy also believes in the affordable education at low tuition fees. The lowest of tuition fees start at Universities in Siena for about 1800 euros a year. Again, compared to the other countries with the same quality of the education and the research facilities, the tuition fees seem like a bargain.


Spain is another destination for the international students, with affordable tuition costs and the living expenses. Spain is often overlooked, underrated study abroad destination, with average tuition fees at the public universities being around 1000 euros a year. Learning Spanish can be an added bonus here.

Countries with Free Education and Health Care

For International students, it is impossible to find the country which offers both free education and free healthcare. Most of the western countries that offer free healthcare, only offer that to its citizens and not the international students, like France. The healthcare is funded by the tax citizens pay to government and therefore students are not covered under state funded / free healthcare. There are separate provisions for the international students. There is an exception however. When you enroll for a course in Norway, which is for more than one year, you are covered under the Norwegian Healthcare Program. Countries like France, Germany, UAE and Sweden offer free healthcare, but the benefits are not for the international students.

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