USA has always managed to retain its position as the world’s largest education hub. Every year, every ranking agency that ranks world’s universities puts America’s universities in the top 10. America is home to the largest number of Indians whether as expats or as students. So, for educational institutions so sought after, one needs to know what the admission cycle is to ease your study in USA.

Admission process to visa : Study in USA 2018

Universities and Applications:

Study in USA  different from study in India in the greatest way in that there are three different seasons for entry- Spring, Winter and Fall. Fall is usually considered the most feasible of them all because of how the Indian academic year syncs with the academic years. It is also different in that the admissions only happen only once a year for the fall session. For all the other sessions, it is just the student’s convenience and when they prefer to take their classes. However, not all universities offer this. Summer semester, being the shortest, only offers specialised courses. Ideally, application procedures start a year before the classes are due to commence. For Fall courses, you can expect application procedures to start from September of the previous year. Deadline is usually in December. You need to ensure that all the documents are submitted by this time. You are going to be receiving calls and messages from March through May. Therefore it is important that you read every mail that you receive to ensure that you don’t miss out on any particular call for document or interviews. One must remember that this December deadline is the latest. Some universities like MIT have their deadline on November 1st. Since there is no centralised portal like for European universities, one must check the individual university’s websites.

Documents and Visa:

Application for your study in the USA ideally comes to end with the visa cycle. Americans are not really known to be prompt or quick. Therefore, you need to apply for your visa about 4 months in advance. 6 is the ideal number, if you can. However, ideally, for programs starting in September, students apply for their visa between May and June. Some of the documents required are

  • GMAT or GRE or SAT scores by December or whenever the deadline is
  • Proof of language proficiency IELTS or TOEFL. Most tier I and II universities require about 6.5-7 in IELTS score and a score above 550 for TOEFL. So ensure you work on that
  • Attest copies of your high school diploma or degrees. If you don’t have the original, you can always submit the provisional documents. However, it is best if you wrote to the university if there are other problems. That’s the best way to do
  • Some universities require a proof of funds to ensure you can pay the tuition. Therefore, whether you are applying for scholarships or financing it on your own, ensure you get them in order before you leave

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