Studying abroad is one the biggest decisions one can make as part of their academic life. The decisions taken there have far-reaching impact, affecting the professional life for better or worse. A lot of work goes into deciding where to study, what to study etc. It is given that the schedule abroad is vastly different from the schedule back home. Universities abroad give you a lot more free time. The perception too, as it is, is that study abroad is for experiencing life that, somehow, as one justifies to oneself, was not given completely. It is however a matter of personal discretion on how the time is to be spent there. But once the decisions are made, tickets booked, luggage packed, mom’s warnings listened to, a lot of native eats taken along with you, if you can somehow manage to get past the cold feet, and it is going to be one of the most life changing events. In a survey anyway, it was pointed out that less than 5% of people regret the time that they spent abroad. Here are 8 ways that studying abroad will change your life.

8 Ways Studying Abroad Changes You

1.) Widens Perspective

Studying abroad introduces you to whole new cultures whose upbringings, ways of thought are absolutely different. Staying in the new environment will push you to see things differently. It also readjusts your expectations such that you know exactly where you stand with respect to a wide variety of aspects including the way you react to various stimuli and how good you are at standing on your own two feet. In various surveys conducted, one thing chiefly emerges- Most studies abroad are conducted for the sole reason to immerse in a new culture or to experience new environment. Without really going into the discussion of the time is to be spent ideally to maximise the effect on perspective, it can be said with fair amount of certainty that however we choose to spend our time there, will certainly add to the learning quotient

2.) Networking

This isn’t such a new point as it is a value enhancing point. Networking is a by-product of studying in a domestic university as well. What makes this point worth mentioning is the type of networking you’ll end up doing. In a culture where everything from the language to the food habits are new, the kind of people you’ll meet, the kind of experiences you’ll have is something that the domestic environment can’t provide. Properly managed, there is a wide scope to make lasting friendships at the end of this study abroad. The time spent with intellectually diverse peers will also help in enhancing your learning experience academically while presenting alternate viewpoints and expertise. That way, you’ll also come home richer by experiences and thought processes, and have had a good networking base in another country

3.) Expands your comfort zone

However things are at your home, it is how we grew up. The way things are arranged is the way we are used to. Study abroad takes you to a place where the only thing you probably know is to read a map and answer calls. Culinary choices, academic choices etc. - all of it is something that you’ll have to train yourself to get used to all over again. But on the plus side, this ensures that you, as a student, are proactive and adaptive in your academic life. This is a value addition to your academic investment. It also tells the employer that you can be trusted to stand on your own two feet.

4.) Figure out what you want to do

The best part about intellectually and racially diverse colleges that offer a wide array of subjects is that you get to immerse yourself in a setting where you can judge for yourself if you are doing what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. It gives you a chance to explore new options, get to understand yourself better and finally take that step towards what you think you should be doing.

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5.) Finance-learning ratio is better

Given the amount of investment you’ve put in to come here, you’re going to calculate the things you need to do to offset the investment. This may include additional courses or internships that will lessen the financial burden. This automatically inculcates a mind-set that will turn one into a better entrepreneur.

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6.) Travelling more

In a new country, with unfamiliarity in the air, you are bound to travel more than you would have in your native country. It is established that travel widens the horizons. This travel, however, gets you closer to the indigenous people that help you better understand the local culture. It also gives your perspective on how you think your life could shape up in the country- what hobbies you could see yourself picking up, etc.

7.) Earning pocket money

You start to realise the importance of financial budgeting very soon once there. You start to look for options to supplement your habits that you brought along from your hometown. This not only makes you industrious, but also smart as you start to figure out ways to decrease interference in your personal and academic life while ensuring you still make money. These habits, as they pile up, will help you in your career as you go along- whether you want to work as an employee or become an entrepreneur.

8.) Attain proficiency in languages

When you are studying abroad, you’re bound to find people that aren’t from the area, much less the country. You’ll be exposed to a multitude of languages and cultures. This inevitably leads you, assuming you choose not to stick with your language and culture alone, in you picking titbits of every language and culture. This makes you a better person because it inculcates the ways of those languages and cultures. The fact that you can speak more than one language is also a plus point for you.

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