If planning to study abroad in a foreign country, financial problems might result in the state of deadlock for students while choosing for foreign university. Opting for a foreign university especially if it’s in West is a costly affair for students. The tuition fees for education in foreign countries is costly and is beyond the scope of many Indian Descent families.

If you want to be educated in a foreign land, then you should know about these countries where education is comparatively cheaper. Here is a little tour of five countries that offer you education at cheap cost:-

5 Countries to give free education


Regardless of your location, Finland offers you quality education at a minimal cost. The public institutes and universities of Finland offer higher education on a cost-free basis. Though there are some executive MBA degrees which includes other double degrees that are offered by institutions of Finland in association with other foreign institutes, many Public Institutes of Finland offer free education for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees together with doctorates.


Norway is also one country that is a low-cost study destination for students. Public universities in Norway usually do not charge any tuition fees for foreign students, but they charge around 100 dollars for registrations each semester. These are some of those universities which offer free education and those are University of  Bergen, Oslo, Agder, and Nordland.


The Federal Constitution of Brazil has given the right to many Brazilian universities to offer free education to students. Or otherwise, these Brazilian institutes charge a very small amount of money in the name of tuition fees. All the Federal and state universities in Brazil are free of tuition fees and they offer high-quality and cost-free education.
And yet there are some private institutes that charge a varying amount of money according to the course opted for and the quality of education.


Students can study for free tuition fees if the student’s country is in a mutual agreement with Slovenia. The registration fee is very low around 30 Euros. Studying in a public institute offering higher education in Slovenia will give you the privilege of going for tuition-free education. 

Check here Universities in Slovenia.

These countries offer free education to both national and international students to impart knowledge to the youth of the world. Not only do these provide opportunities for the students to gain education on cross-platform basis but also promote the spirit of high-quality and low-cost education.


Both undergraduate and Ph.D. level education is usually free in German public colleges and universities. They tend to provide free education to both the local as well as international students so that there is no barrier to education. Many European countries charge a considerable amount for education but the German institutes are exceptions to this rule. They generally charge only a registration fee of fifty Euros in general.

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