A Statement of purpose is the biggest and most crucial thing for applying abroad. While there might be a lot of objective aspects like your academic records to date or the scorecards, SOP is the subjective element making you stand out amidst the competition.

Top 5 key points you must mention while writing Statement of purpose

The Essentials

There could be many elements you need to take into consideration while writing the SOP. Usually, the word limit is 1000 words. You need to write your SOP clearly stating your goals, career path, and your academic progress. The main essence of your SOP should highlight your purpose in life that includes how motivated and determined you are when it comes to achieving all the things that matter to you the most.

SOP helps you to form a distinguishable identity and gives you an edge in the crowd amidst tough competition. Thus you must go through a format of writing a winning one and then sync it with your selected course and institutes and priorities of life. While writing few points you must incorporate. Let us have a discussion regarding that.

  1. Personal and Financial Background: your background depicts a real picture of you. So if you have come from a rural background or you have fought the odd to achieve something in life, clearly state that. Keep it in mind that whatever you state here, do that as a matter of fact. Don’t overdo anything. Be honest and precise to highlight the focal points.
  2. The extra curriculum activities clearly mention your area of interest in the extra curriculum. Your achievements till date in that field. Mention all the activities you have participated in. Sports, debates, and other activities actually reflect your personality traits. If you are having enough potential to be a team leader or not, or how important you take competitions do get reflected in the way you incorporate all these activities. Besides, it determines your ambition, dedication, passion, and determination.
  3. Failures you have not reached here without failures. It is an inevitable part of your life. So mention that clearly in your SOP. If you do not disclose a single thing about your failures, it will automatically prove that you are hiding the truth and that’s a negative point here. While writing about the failures, you must focus on your abilities and potentials to come back from the defeat and start afresh. The confidence level and a positive attitude towards failures and criticism should be reflected through your SOP.
  4. Work experiences the most essential aspect of writing an SOP is including the work experience to date. For MBA admissions, this work experience is mandatory. For another course, it does not imply though. You are always welcome to incorporate your work experiences, voluntary or compulsory if you have ever been a part of it. The focus should be on the learning and experience part. Emphasize it.
  5. Papers or journal or work published: this is another crucial aspect interpreting your orientation towards research and your ability to think and perceive the world in a scientific manner. This aspect is particularly essential for the aspirants applying for master's or Ph.D. programs. For the applicants of graduate programs, you can include anything and everything that has brought an appreciation for your hard work and dedication. If you have been a part of any kind of scientific research project, mention that.

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