Are you about to write you SOP or Statement of Purpose? Well then, it is certainly one of the most important things that you will be doing in your life. These 100 words will be a challenge for sure and a very important and crucial one.


These 100 words are the ones that are your pathway to a dream program from your college. So, while you are worried about what things to write in there, you must also think about things that you don’t want to write in there.


After all, you do not want to say the incorrect things to the different admission officers of the programs, right? It is also very important to notice the stuff that you shouldn’t include in the Statement of Purpose. Let us have a look at some of those things that you should include in your SOP.

Things to Avoid When Writing A Statement Of Purpose

Things To Avoid When Writing A Statement Of Purpose

There are many universities abroad that often come across certain SOPs that are very lengthy. These statements, no matter how much grammatically correct they might be, tend to be rejected most of the time because of the unnecessary pieces of information provided there.


The main reason for these SOPs getting rejected would definitely be the unnecessary and irrelevant information that is provided in the statements.


We say, what’s the need to stuff the SOP with so much information when you can make it a short and easy-to-read one in an efficient way? Most people, when they talk about the family in the SOP, they just go on and on about them.


This is something that should be avoided. Here are some other things that should be avoided when you want to focus on writing the perfect SOP.

1. All The Accomplishments

Of course, we get it that you practically aced in your graduate and academic years and were a star in the sports field and you played almost every single instrument in college. We also get that you have got medals and awards to prove your worth, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stuff and brag in your SOP sheet. Make sure you actually pick what you need to mention on the sheet.

2. Family History

While writing about your family is not a bad idea, we advise that you do not keep on talking about them. Make sure that you choose proper words and short sentences to describe your family history. Remember that the universities are here to know more about you, not your family. So make sure that you avoid mentioning your ancestry.

3. Financial Details

There are universities that often ask for different reports that can highlight the financial status of a student. They might even ask for an essay separately to highlight the same thing. So, where is the need to explain all of that in your SOP?

4. Jobs/ Academic Details

Sure, you want to mention the academic achievements and job projects that you have done so far. However, what we recommend is that you stick to mentioning the names and not explaining in too much detail as this could cause your o to waste those precious words.

So, these are some of the things that you should definitely avoid using in your SOP. Make sure that you are not including these in the SOP, or you might just lose your chance.  


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