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Sample statement of Purpose for IT students to study abroad

I was very young when I first heard the term Information technology. Over the years as I grew older, I not only came to know about it in detail but also about its immense prospects. Information Technology is referred to be the field that is supposed to dominate and dictate the future of the internet. Not only is this field witnessing unprecedented growth but is witnessing immense developments.


Since a very tender age, I have had a passion for learning about technology and have always tried to acquire as much experience and knowledge that is possible. I have made sure that I keep myself updated on the major technologies that are making an impact globally. While in school, I always found computer science interesting, which further helped me with acquiring skills that further improved my abilities to have a better and deeper understanding of information technology. While in school I learned HTML, SQL. Within programming languages, I have learned C, JAVA, and Python.


I have done my schooling at one of the best schools in my country and have taken part in various activities whether academic or social. I was the head of the debate team of our school and won several events all through my school life. I have also taken part in different science projects organized by our school and have even represented the school in inter-school championships. Coming to extra-curricular events, I have been a state gold medallist for three consecutive years in swimming. I have also won gold in Nationals in Karate championships held in our country and used to represent my school in other championships in this sport.

During my summer breaks, I have interned at GiveIndia NGO while I was in class 11 and helped them in their social outreach programs to help poor people. I have also been a volunteer and worked as an on-ground worker for the smile foundation for providing education to the poor. My role here was to teach maths to students studying below the fifth standard. Additionally, I have helped acquired certifications in basic introductory courses in Information technology from Massive open online courseware and have also achieved certification from reputed establishments.


When I was in class 9, we had a guest from a reputed foreign university, who gave us insight into the prospects in this domain and discussed the various sub-domains and their influence in the modern world. I was not only taken aback by the knowledge of the person but was now much more motivated to pursue my career in this field. Armed with my newly added ideas, I carried out pursuit to discover the finest universities in the world that can provide me with the exact skill and knowledge that I desire.


The best of the universities, that are known by their name all over the world were established in places different from my home nation. Therefore, I would like to go to these premier institutes and pursue my degree. These universities not only provide great exposure and faculty but also have great student assistance programs. Therefore, to keep a mind like mine, I need to get to the best to turn myself into the best.


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