Apr 17, 2019

Amba Dalmia Scholarship to Study in France for Indian Women- Apply Now

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The Franco-India Education Trust has opened up the applications for the Amba Dalmia Scholarship to study in France for Indian women, who wants to enroll into an academic or Training Program in France. This comes as a great news for the aspiring women students from India who wants to pursue their education, a project, or training in France.

Amba Dalmia Scholarship to Study in France for Indian Women- Apply Now

Level of Education for the Scholarship:

The Amba Dalmia Scholarship is for the Indian women who wants to pursue an internship program, professional training, short courses (2-3 weeks), Masters Programs or the PhD. Students applying for any of the above can apply for the scholarship.

Benefits of Amba Dalmia Scholarships:

The successful candidates will be aided financially for:

  1. Living Costs in France
  2. Campus France and Visa Fees

The benefits are for the one year, or the course duration, which one is shorter. The Scholarship once ended, cannot be renewed by the candidate,

Eligibility for the Scholarship to Study in France:

To Apply for the scholarship, the candidate must be,

  1. An Indian Citizen who is living in India
  2. The age of the candidate must be over 18 years.

How to Apply and Application Deadlines:

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the Amba Dalmia Scholarship for Indian women is 31st of May, 2019. The candidates are required to apply before that.

Where to Apply:

To register for the Scholarship, apply and submit documents, candidates are required to register themselves on French Institute India, here: https://scholarship.ifindia.in

How to Apply:

The candidates will be required to submit a set of supporting documents to submit with their application. Here is the list of document to be submitted:

  • Proof of Latest Educational Qualification (a Gazetted copy), Mark Sheets and Certificates.
  • Proof of acceptance from the educational institution in France
  • If you are a student, an NOC (No objection certificate) from Indian institution
  • Letters of Recommendation where required
  • Statement of Purpose stating how the project of training in France will help you, and how you will put that in use when you return to India
  • If needed, a Portfolio in the form of hard copy, DVD or CD.

The initiative is taken by the Franco-India Education Trust, after the entrepreneur Mr. Gun Nidhi Dalmia donated to the trust saying, it was his desire since he was studying in Sorbonne University long ago to see more Indian students study in France. The scholarship is named after Mr. Damia’s deceased daughter, Amba Dalmia.

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