International studies have been catching quite a popularity, especially in countries like India and Africa. People are opting for the high level of education, with quality, in countries like Canada. It is everyone’s dream to study abroad for a rich career prospect. It is effective, regardless of the institute you choose, as long as you’ve studied abroad, there is a new perk adding to your profile. The mere mention of studying abroad, especially in a country like Canada, is enough to make a person qualify for the job. However, recently, it seems like the Visa application in Canada is undergoing a massive rejection.

Student Visa Applications for Canada rejected around 36% This Year

Visa Applications for Canada from India are Getting Rejected:

The main reason for rejection is the overwhelming number of international students. As such, Canadian officials confirmed that they couldn’t allow just anyone to attain the visa. From around 28% to now 36%, the Visa application in Canada is getting rejected. India and Africa seem to have the most applicants; as such, the ratio seems to affect them the most. Indians have been applying for Canadian visas popularity, it is one of their preferred locations. However, it seems like it wouldn’t be as easy as it used to be anymore.
Canada Visa Rejection Reasons

There are many reasons for the rejection of Visa. However, with the new policies and rejection rate, it is going to get tougher. As such, these are the following reasons apart from the usual protocols and standards for which Visa application in Canada can get rejected.

  • A person in 30s applying for a diploma course may face rejection
  • A person in 20s applying for graduation course may face rejection
  • Changing the field or stream during admission may get rejection.
  • Inability to prove financial support for studies will face rejection
  • Medically unfit individuals will face rejection
  • Fraudulent documents will face rejection
  • Showcasing desire to work rather than study will get rejection

Canada Visa Application Online Process

It is easy to apply for a Canadian visa online. There are many benefits to it as you can not submit an incomplete application so that you won’t get rejected because of that factor. The Application processing time for Student Visa in Canada is also faster than the standard, and it reaches instantaneously compared to Mail services. You will also be able to submit any document immediately if they ask for any extra. Follow this procedure to apply online:

  • Register with the official website and go to Canada Visa Login
  • Download Canada visa application form pdf from the official website
  • Make sure to scan all the biometrics and collect them in the application, wherever it is required.
  • Prepare the Canada visa fees of around 100$ (Canadian) and make the payment

After the application submission, you will get daily updates and notifications, and you can also track a Visa application in Canada from VFS global track application.

How to track my Canadian Visa Application?

If you’ve applied for Visa in Canada, and hope to find a way to track it and learn about the status, there is a perfect way to do so. VFS global track application is the best platform to track your visa application. To use it, visit their official website, and they will ask you to input Tracking ID with Date of Birth and enter the security captcha. After that, it will show you the status of your Visa easily.

Canada Visa Processing Time

The processing time for various types of Visa application in Canada varies. It takes around 15 days at max to process the Visa application. After that, a student visa takes around three working days while worker visa takes four working days to process. The Canada visa fees are around 100 canadian dollars or around 6,000 INR per application.

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