News directly from Ottawa by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was reported. By saying moving too quickly could blast a second explosion of the coronavirus, he has refused to quickly reopen the country’s borders.

Canada will not reopen borders quickly, Trudeau says

Canadian Government has restricted travel since the 18th of march due to the epidemic named coronavirus. However, Canada has opened some of the Visa Application Centres (VACs) around the world are starting to open with limited services for its clients.

Trudeau said, “I understand there are a lot of tourism firms and airlines who would like us to be able to once again to welcome tourists,”

“But these people all need to understand that if we take steps too quickly if we are not sure of what we are doing at each stage” also added, "we risk hitting a second wave and having to close our economy again.”

Earlier in the month of June, Calin Rovinescu, an Air Canada Chief Executive Officer, and a group of 27 leading executives of major tourism industries pressured the Canadian government to withdraw the travel restrictions.

Calin Rovinescu

There is also news that the Canada-USA land border will remain closed until at least till 21st of July. Non-essential travel will be restricted on this border for at least another 30 days to slow the spread of the coronavirus, as the USA’s positive cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly.

The PM of Canada also said that how frustrating it is for some people but they are going to be very careful about when and how they will reopening international borders as Health and safety is their top priority.

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