Study in Australia is a great way of experiencing the unique Australian lifestyle while learning new skills. Often a question arises on students in those who come from other countries that Is it possible to work and study in Australia. You will be glad to know that Australia is one of those countries where you can work while studying. Working while studying in Australia acts as a boon for international student in complimenting their study as well as living experiences. Australia is a much-preferred study abroad destination among international students but it can be an expensive affair for many students. Work and Study in Australia is a better option than working post study.

Work and study in Australia

Working while studying in Australia

With fairly high living expenses in Australia, work and study can help you earn sufficient money to help you pay your expenses during your stay in Australia for studies. Additionally, You also get an opportunity to gain relevant work experience in your respective area of study beside this, there are several other reasons for which the international students prefer to work while studying in Australia. They are:

  • Learn relevant and valuable professional skills.
  • It will help to decrease the burden of financial needs in Australia.
  • Enjoy the unrestrained living experience with the money paid.
  • Understanding the people of Australia and learning new things from them in a better way.
  • Can increase the opportunity in future with the help of this work experience.
  • To build your confidence and make you self dependent.
  • You can also learn new things by interacting with your employers, colleagues etc in Australia.

How many hours a student can work in Australia

An international student is allowed to study and work in Australia throughout the duration of their courses. They are entitled to work 40 hours per fortnight (two weeks) or you can say 20 hours per week during their university semesters, and full-time during your school breaks.

Work full time on a student visa

Full-time work is allowed only when the international student starts working which means after the completion of studies, the student can work full time. This is also the case in between semesters. You can work full time during the vacations of the semester. However, if you are studying a Masters by Research or a PhD, they can work unlimited hours.

Work and study in Australia for international students - Points to be noted

  • To ensure working while studying in Australia, an international student must pursue a minimum 2-year degree course from the University of Australia.
  • The international student working in Australia have the same basic rights in their workplace as other Australian workers have.
  • The students can start working while studying once they have started their course of study in Australia.
  • The wages are generally calculated on an hourly or weekly basis in Australia.
  • As per the announcement made by the FWC(Fair Work Commission), the national minimum wage in Australia for the employees has been increased by 3.5%. The new pay rate has been set at AUS $18.93 per hour.

Work and study opportunities in Australia

Australia is a land of numerous opportunities for those who are looking for working while studying. Housing a vast number of industries, the country offers both part-time and full-time work opportunities for international students. Those who wish to pursue higher studies in Australia, they can opt for paid work opportunities, internship and volunteering activities. The key industries which offer paid part-time work opportunities for students are given below:

  • Hospitality - Offering jobs at cafe, bars, restaurants and clubs.
  • Retail - Opportunities available in clothing stores, supermarkets, departmental stores etc
  • Tourism - The jobs offered under this industry mainly consists of hotels, motels and accommodation.
  • Tutoring - The students can opt for giving tuitions to students both in person or at an institution to earn.
  • Telemarketing and sales - Explore opportunities at call centres, business, finance and employment services.
  • Administrative and clerical roles - Get jobs at various organisations available under arts and recreational services, food manufacturing and processing and construction services etc

Work after study in Australia

Australia Is Filled With Stay Back Options. When you want to stay after masters in Australia, you have got many opportunities to stay there and work. You can continue to stay and work in Australia after completion of your studies by applying for permanent residency. There is a specific permanent residency visa for international students who have graduated from an Australian study. Even though the regulations and eligibility criteria of permanent residency often change, Staying in Australia doesn’t seem that tough. All you have to do is apply to the Immigration Department and you are all set. 

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