Studying in Australia is an option that crosses every student’s mind when looking to study abroad. With many Universities turning up in World University Rankings, it is sure a place to be considered seriously. Universities in Australia are known for their excellent academics, research work, and affordable fees.

However, before that, you will need a Study Plan to go ahead. When there are a plethora of options available to choose from, it becomes important that you choose what suits you best in every aspect. Here are things to be considered while choosing a program to study in Australia:

How to Choose the Right Program to Study in Australia?

1. English Language Proficiency

This is an easy task, only if you are coming from an English-speaking country. Most Universities in Australia have English as a teaching language. The University or the college you apply to will ask for a test to be taken to prove proficiency in English, i.e. you can read, write, listen, and speak English. Most of the Universities ask for IELTS / TOEFL tests, and the score requirements change as per course and institute. Australian Government asks for PTE for migration applications.

2. Field of Study

It always boils down to what you want to do going ahead with your studies. Choose the specialization that is well-aligned with the studies you have done up to now, and what are your career plans. Something that will help you both personally and professionally. Always keep in mind the employability prospects once the course is over. Whether you want to stay back in Australia after studies or come back to your home country, plays an important part, too.

3. Course Details

Taking forward the above point, make a list of the courses that suit you the most. Research each and individual course, and the institution offering it. Almost every course is listed on the college websites, and the course details are given there. One can easily understand from that information what he or she will be studying in each semester. Look through that, placement details, and then choose the best. Remember, the best changes for every individual. Consult with your friends and family if you are confused or simply stuck.

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4. Course Duration

The duration of your course will have a direct impact on your stay in the country. Shorter duration programs will have shorter or no stay-back options. Longer courses will have a longer stay back option. Even more important than that, it will decide for how long your study permit or Student Visa in Australia will be valid, and whether you will be needing an extension or not.

5. Student Visa in Australia

It is essential to learn about Visa requirements and conditions before you apply for one. Moreover, you will understand the documents required, and the process to acquire a visa. It is important to learn processing time, as you will have to follow a timeline for the different intakes in Australia and manage your application process accordingly.

6. Money Matters

It is always necessary to know the tuition fees the course will cost. Make sure the amount you are provided is per semester, for a year, or is for the whole course. You will have to plan your funds accordingly. If you are thinking about applying for an Education Loan, you will be well informed if you research the course requirements thoroughly regarding the monetary aspect.

7. City, Accommodation, and Transportation

Last, but definitely not least, research what city you are looking to go for. Your quality of life off-campus will depend largely on this. More developed territories mean more job opportunities, well-maintained public transportation but higher accommodation costs. Similarly, if you will choose an urban-metropolitan city, or a calm suburban vicinity, will make all the difference during your stay in Australia. 

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