Pioneer Scholarship

Pioneer Scholarship

Availability – To the students admitted on Msc programs, International students on Master in Management/PGE and International students on IBPM (1st year)

Requirement - Letter of global character through experience and future personal and professional objectives.

Amount – Excellent class for 6000 Euros, 1st class for 3000 Euros, 2nd class for 2000 Euros and 3rd class for 1000 Euros

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

• You have to be full time faying paying student for the intake.

• Return a completed application file (form and documents including SOP for Scholarship) to the admission office of ESC Rennes.

• The admission office reserves the right to withdraw the offer of scholarship if it is not accepted by the given deadline.

• Pay all outstanding tuition fees (for partial scholarship holders) by given deadlines. Non-payment of fees may result in the scholarship being withdrawn and full fees being charged to the student.

• Repay the scholarship amount (pro-rata) if they withdraw from their course before completion (if the scholarship has been already awarded).

• As the School offers several scholarship offers, students might be eligible to more than one scholarship. If the student applies to more than one scholarship, he or she might be selected for both, but not automatically the case.

• The final decision for Scholarship application is up to the final decision of the Scholarship Committee of the School

  • Program : Undetermined
  • Amount : 4,000 EUR
  • Deadline Date : Apr 25, 2015
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