Richmond Scholars Program

Richmond Scholars Program

All applicants for admission who apply by December 1 are automatically considered for the Richmond Scholars Program. The University's most prestigious academic awards, these scholarships are given to 45 incoming students and range from full tuition to full tuition plus room and board. The Richmond Scholars program awards merit scholarships in four broad designations.

Program Benefits

The Richmond Scholars Program includes these benefits:

  • Full-tuition scholarship, renewable for up to eight consecutive semesters of full-time enrollment, valued at approximately $181,000 over four years
  • Eligibility for a one-time $3,000 grant to support a student-selected activity that enhances the academic experience
  • Priority course registration and guaranteed on-campus housing
  • Specially selected faculty mentors to guide students and help them fulfill their potential
  • Special ticket vouchers to selected cultural events in the Modlin Center for the Arts


The selection committee considers each student individually, evaluating their application in a highly personalized and holistic manner. The writing sample is particularly critical because it communicates some of the special contributions a student might make to the University. While grades and test scores are important, the committee is aware that they don't represent the whole student and, as a result, they are not used to automatically include or exclude an applicant from consideration.

University name: University of Richmond

  • Program : Undetermined
  • Amount : 45,250 USD
  • Deadline Date : Dec 1, 2017
  • Apply Now

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