Masters of Science Excellence Scholarships

Masters of Science Excellence Scholarships

SKEMA Business School offers scholarships to attract bright and talented students and help them to realize their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

SKEMA offers scholarships amounting to €150,000 this year, through a donation given by the SKEMA Alumni Association.

Eligibility: all admitted applicants can apply for this scholarship regardless of nationality.

Application deadline: within 2 weeks of admission.

Selection: the Scholarships’ Jury decision will be based on:

academic excellence

the overall strength of the application

the results of the selection interview

A GMAT, a GRE, or a TAGE MAGE score (obligatory)

Amount of award: the amount of the scholarship varies from €3,000 to €7,000 of the tuition fee and is deducted from the successful candidate’s last tuition fee payment. In the case of a 2 year programme the scholarship is calculated pro rata basis.

Application: admitted students must make an application by e-mail to (if you are an international student) or to (if you are a French student).

The application must be accompanied by a cover letter structured in 3 paragraphs:

1. The excellence of your academic background (pointing out your academic achievements: eg. ranking, honours, GPA etc.).

2. Your professional experience (if any) emphasizing your skills and your achievements and how you contributed to the value added of the organisation.

3. Describe why you think you deserve this scholarship.

University Name: SKEMA Business School

  • Program : Undetermined
  • Amount : 7,000 EUR
  • Deadline Date : Not specified
  • Apply Now

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