Aga Khan Academy Scholarship

Aga Khan Academy Scholarship

The University of Victoria is excited to offer several prestigious entrance scholarships to academically outstanding international students who, as demonstrated leaders, are making notable contributions to their communities.

Seven scholarships of $90,000, payable at $22,500 per year over four years are awarded to students entering their first undergraduate program at the University of Victoria directly from either an Aga Khan Academy, a United World College, or a school that is a member of the Council of International Schools.

These scholarships recognize students who are facing financial barriers to their education

University Name: University of Victoria

Who is eligible?
To be considered for a University of Victoria international
scholarship, a nominated student must:

  • l have applied and been accepted to the University of Victoria and be entering their first University of Victoria undergraduate degree program directly from a participating institution
  • l meet admission criteria for their specific program, and general admission criteria for the University of Victoria.
  • l have an excellent academic record (“A” average, minimum of 32 IB points or equivalent)
  • l be an international student who is neither a Canadian citizen nor permanent resident of Canada and maintain their study permit status throughout their undergraduate studies

Application process
Students are nominated by a school guidance counsellor, principal
or department head. The nominator must be able to comment
on the student’s academic performance, future goals, leadership
qualities and their potential for success at the University of Victoria.
The nominated student must provide the following to the
nominator in sufficient time to meet the application deadline:

  • A completed Form A
  • All documents listed under supporting documentation
  • required, to the right
  • Confirmed acceptance to the first year of a University of Victoria undergraduate program 

  • Program : All Program
  • Amount : 90,000 CAD
  • Deadline Date : Feb 28, 2019
  • Apply Now

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