The 21-day national lockdown in India was scheduled to end today on April 14 but Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an extension of lockdown till May 3. This was an expected move as the total cases of coronavirus in the country surged past the 10,000 marks and also making it more important than the gains achieved so far in terms of containing the spread does not go into waste.

But as we all can see the situation is getting worse so again trying to stop the spreading of this virus again the lockdown has been extended beyond 4 May for another two weeks which means till 17th of May. Now India has more than 45000 cases of coronavirus and deaths have crossed more than 1500 people. And if actions are not taken the situation may get worse which can’t be imagined. 

In between students who had planned to study abroad are getting disturbed in this crisis. But we advise you not to panic. You have to keep calm yourself and be motivated as it is just a temporary situation if you have already made up your mind that anything happens but still you will fulfil your dreams then no one, not even this coronavirus can come between you and your dreams. 

Just think this lockdown is the proper time to spend your time with your family as after leaving the country to study abroad you may not meet or have this quality time with your family for a few years. So just try to enjoy this time and bring positivity inside you even in this negative situation. Meanwhile, you can do proper research about your study abroad plan and get ready to fly after this crisis gets over.

Lockdown Extended

Problems faced by students who wanted to study abroad due to the extension of lockdown

Several students' study abroad plans have been delayed due to lockdown restrictions imposed in India and other various countries as well leading to the suspension of classes and visa processes due to this crisis of coronavirus. Again, the students who had planned to move to other countries from India to study abroad have to wait a few more days for their preparation. Many students are already late due to this spread of coronavirus and those who were looking for September intake. They are getting delayed because of this lockdown. They are facing problems due to this lockdown such as:

  • They are not able to collect documents such as SOP. 
  • They are not able to give international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL etc as the test centres are closed. 
  • They are not able to prepare well for exams as books cant be purchased.
  • They are not able to get education loans as there are restrictions on travelling.
  • They are not able to collect the funds required to study abroad.
  • They are not able to complete the visa procedure as everything is closed.

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A temporary crisis

Prospective Students who were planning to move to another country this year are adopting a wait-and-watch theory. So for them, it is positive news that some universities have already announced that they will start the August semester online and then students can physically come to campus in January. Other universities have informed students that they will observe the COVID-19 situation and take decisions accordingly, and if required, they will start the class later on. 

Postpone your study abroad plan to 2021


It is clear that as the virus is spreading across the world and cases are increasing in more and more countries, greater numbers of prospective students are choosing to postpone their studies to a later year, rather than trying to find a different country to study in. Maybe you will find a new option for a new course in the next year. You will now have enough time to do all the research in this lockdown. You can even prepare well for your international exams.

Engagement in this lockdown in context to study abroad

Yes, as the lockdown has extended you have much more time to do some more research and find the best suitable option for you to study abroad in the year 2021. Studying abroad is that opportunity which does not knock your door again and again, so you need to carefully plan this decision and take steps accordingly. Here we have listed some points which should be researched about which can be the alternatives for students during the extended time periods to keep them engaged.

  • First and foremost thing is that you should research about the country where you will be pursuing your dreams of study abroad. Find options here: Study abroad
  • Next, you have to do research about the course you are interested in like management engineering, arts, film making, hospitality, medicine can visit this page for courses option: Courses to study abroad
  • You can research the universities in which your interested course is available. Additionally, read the latest updates of the universities so that it will give you more clarity about the international student life there.
  • Check out the application process and start collecting the documents needed for the specific university.
  • You can prepare for the entrance exams such as TOEFL IELTS GRE GMAT and after the lockdown opens immediately you can register and take your exam. Check out the exam information here: Study abroad exams
  •  We are glad to inform that TOEFL has developed a special home-based test for this temporary situation. You can give the exam by sitting in the home itself: You will get all the information about it here: TOEFL: Special Home Edition test.

Convert this lock downtime into valuable time by engaging yourself towards your career and study abroad dreams. If you need any help or guidance please feel free to contact us, we will feel happy to guide you. Make good use of your time staying at home by doing your research thoroughly, comparing your options and figuring out where you’re going to apply next year.

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