IELTS is taken widely all over the world by the candidates for study, work and migration in the English Speaking countries. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, and it is co-owned by IDP, British Council and the Cambridge. Computer Delivered IELTS by British Council is an upgrade to the very widely taken English language test. According to British Council, the pen and paper tests will still continue, the Computer Based IELTS is just an additional facility for the students looking for a Computer Based Test.

Computer Delivered IELTS in India:

The Computer Delivered IELTS by British Council will be first taken in the Delhi Test Centre, on 9th of February 2019. The aim of Computer Delivered IELTS is to reach more and more test centres in the future, and make the test more accessible to candidates. The Pen and Paper format of the test will still exist simultaneously and students who prefer that mode of examination will be able to take IELTS in pen and paper form. The Candidates can book the test online and choose to select any of the option, either pen and paper or computer delivered IELTS.

Computer Delivered IELTS Practice can be done from the materials from official British Council website, and other sources from the internet. Just be sure that the materials are for computer delivered IELTS, and in the same format.

Computer Delivered IELTS Format:

The IELTS format for the computer based test remains same as the previous one. The Format, IELTS Pattern, Timings and IELTS Fees stay the same for the computer delivered version. The speaking module is still in form of a face to face interview. The IELTS results are same and the scale is still from 0 to 9 bands form. However, the only thing different is the time taken to declare the results. The computer delivered IELTS results are declared sooner than the paper based IELTS.

Computer Delivered IELTS vs Paper Based IELTS:

As we have mentioned, the test content, Timings, Marking and Question types will remain the same. The scoring and scorecards are also the same for both the exams. The Speaking Test will be taken face to face for both the versions. But what is the difference?

  • The most lucrative aspect of computer delivered IELTS is the results. The results for computer based IELTS results will be delivered in 5 to 7 business days, compared to 13 calendar days of paper based IELTS.

  • There is no 10 minutes break at the end of each listening section, the break for computer delivered IELTS is reduced to approximately 2 minutes. You are given a paper and pen during the sections, but the answers should be “typed”, and there is not enough time to write answers on paper and transfer it on computer. You should type the answers as you are listening at the same time. Some practice is required there.

  • The Reading module has options to Copy and Paste here. Additionally, the True or False questions will have checkboxes to click.

  • The Writing module have the option to cut, paste and backspace options. There is option to see how many words you have written in the writing module.

  • You can control the text size, font size, colour and background colour.

It truly depends on the individual whether he or she wants to opt for the computer delivered test or the paper based one. As we mentioned, the computer version, especially the listening part will require some practice. TOEFL and PTE are also computer based exams and widely accepted all around the world, just as IELTS.

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