Canada is one of the most attractive studies abroad destinations for international students. Many students move to Canada for their higher education which boots their career opportunities. Every year many students apply for the student visa in Canada and fly there to pursue their studies. As in this year the whole world is facing a coronavirus crisis which was unexpected and has come as a hurdle for those you wanted to move to Canada for study or maybe wanted to stay to gain work experience there. IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) announced major changes regarding Canada study visa and work visa on May 14, 2020, which will not only help Canada grow its economy but also will be beneficial for international students. 

Canada Study Visa and Work visa - Major Changes for September 2020

Changes made in the Post-Graduation Work Permit 

The PGWP(Post-Graduation Work Permit) permits international students to gain Canadian work experience after completing their educational courses at a designated learning institution (DLI) of Canada.  This permit is valid for up to three years, based on the duration of the program the international student pursues in Canada. Generally, online courses are not counted in  the study requirement for a PGWP application, but this year  international students who are taking classes online this fall, there are some major changes made in it which are mentioned below:

  •  As there are Canada’s coronavirus travel restrictions, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) is now allowing overseas students to study online from their home country and still be eligible to apply for the work permit after their graduation. 

  • New international students will be able to begin their programs at a Canadian DLI online in fall 2020 and then still be able to obtain the work permit k in Canada after completing their studies.

  • In these changes, it is also mentioned that the time spent by abroad students outside Canada, will not be deducted from the length of their PGWP till 31st December 2020.

  • In the current scenario, a new international student can begin their program at a Canadian DLI online this coming fall and still be eligible for a PGWP for the maximum 3 years so long as they arrived in Canada by the end of 2020 and completed a qualifying educational program at a DLI in Canada for at least two years in duration.

Reason for this major announcement

The PGWP is highly demanded among many international students in Canada since it allows them to work in Canada for up to three years and gain excellent work experience after completing their studies. The reasons for this major announcement are :

  • These major changes will motivate more international students to study in Canada in the coming fall intake, rather than postponing their higher education. The reason for this is that international students who wish to apply for Canadian immigration will want to capitalize on the opportunity to complete a portion of their studies in their home country, while still being able to access the same benefits as they used to get during physical study in Canada.

  • Such work experience will benefit them while submitting their federal and/or provincial immigration application, which 60% of international students plan to do, according to the annual survey of foreign students made by the Canadian Bureau for International Education.

  • Under the management system of the federal government’s Express Entry application, former international students are given additional points for their education and work experience in Canada. In addition to federal pathways, a variety of Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams also exist to help former international students convert to permanent residence.

  • Another major advantage is the cost to study in Canada will reduce for them, since they will not have to spend additional living expenses at the commencement of their education in Canada.

Canada will become a more popular study abroad destination

Canada is counted among the world’s most attractive destinations for international students in recent years. The main reasons for its popularity are:

  • Canada offers the top quality of education along with many top universities.

  • The international students and their spouses or partners can work during and after their studies.

  • International students can use the opportunity of studying and living in English and/or French environments.

  • Canada is more affordable than other popular English speaking countries which are popular international student destinations because of the weaker Canadian dollar.

To be eligible for the PGWP, the international students must have completed a full-time program in which at least eight months at a designated learning institution. The validity of the Post-Graduation Work Permit will be based on the duration of the program, international student study in Canada. In the starting week of April, IRCC first applied this measure to international students whose courses started in the month of May and June. Later on the May 14 this announcement also applied to the students who will begin their semester in the month of September.

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