Top Science Universities & Colleges in USA 2019-2020

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#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Location: Cambridge, USA

Bachelors: USD 48140 Masters: USD 49580
Entry Criteria: SAT ,TOEFL
#2 Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University

Location: Cleveland, USA

Bachelors: USD 45592 Masters: USD 38250
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
#4 Broward College

Broward College

Location: Fort Lauderdale, USA

Bachelors: USD 11102
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#5 Centralia College

Centralia College

Location: Centralia, USA

Bachelors: USD 10116
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#6 College at Cortland

College at Cortland

Location: Cortland, USA

Bachelors: USD 16320 Masters: USD 22210
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#7 Ferris State University

Ferris State University

Location: Big Rapids, USA

Bachelors: USD 14694 Masters: USD 20062
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
#8 Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University

Location: Providence, USA

Bachelors: USD 24624 Masters: USD 11726
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
#9 Marymount California University

Marymount California University

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, USA

Bachelors: USD 37134 Masters: USD 11040
#10 Metropolitan State University of Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Location: Denver, USA

Bachelors: USD 18859 Masters: USD 12335
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL

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Management Universities in USA

Learning Management in USA is a dream of many people. A degree from a good management university can set you up for a lucrative career in the field. Many of the following colleges have fantastic placement rates, and if nothing else, leave you with a degree and an education that will help find you a great job! Getting the chance to learn Management in USA for International students is a great achievement, and you need to make the most of it.

As companies expand across the globe, the need for good high-level managers keep rising. The best graduates of the management programs get snapped up by large MNCs, and many of them are put on the fast track to the top of the corporate structure. The Management colleges train students to understand concepts of business management, from basic to advanced. They are also required to take internships to familiarise themselves with the inner workings of companies. This serves to turn these students into smart and capable executives, able to work in any company and adapt as required.

Since the colleges are American, the Management courses are taught in English. This makes thing easy for international students, many of whom know only English and their own language. The cost of these courses is quite reasonable too. Due to the large number of colleges offering management degrees, there is plenty of competition.

An important note for application in management colleges in the U.S to consider is the GMAT or GRE. More often than not it is the GMAT that is required. Many schools specify required scores for application. This combined with a good entry essay and references can secure a spot that will put you on the fast track for a great career in the field of your choice, after all management is required everywhere.


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