Grants from the Francis Bouygues corporate foundation

Grants from the Francis Bouygues corporate foundation

The Francis Bouygues corporate foundation provides scholarship grants for 4 or 6 years. The purpose of the program is to enable highly motivated secondary-school graduates facing financial difficulties to obtain a postsecondary degree and realize their career ambitions.

Program description: The Francis Bouygues corporate foundation awards approximately 30 grants each year to:

honors graduates of French secondary schools (lycees polyvalents, lycees d'enseignement general ettechnologique)

foreign graduates of French secondary schools abroad

secondary-school graduates who have earned a 1- or 2-year postsecondary credential and wish to continue for another degree.

Grants are made to recipients upon their graduation from secondary school or in the course of postsecondary study. The Francis Bouygues corporate foundation endeavors to maintain contact with its grant recipients by assigning each a mentor from one of the companies of the Bouygues group. The foundation is committed to tracking grantees' progress and achievements through continuous and individualized attention. Grantees may also benefit from the support and assistance of members of the foundation's board of directors.

Type of grant: Study

Duration: The grant is designed to supplement the recipient's personal resources over the period of his or her postsecondary education-typically 4 to 6 years. Each year, the Francis Bouygues corporate foundation decides whether or not to renew each recipient's grant in light of their attendance record, behavior, and academic.

Number of grants: About 30 grants annually

Grant funded by: Enterprises, banks and private bodies; Foundations and associations.

University Name: SKEMA Business School

  • Program : Undetermined
  • Amount : Varied
  • Deadline Date : Not specified
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