Feb 21, 2018

Is English the key to success?

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The english language is currently the third largest language spoken in the world. however, it is undoubtedly the first and most popular second-language all across the globe. most of the information that circulates in our world through mail, radio, t.v, internet, etc. is in english and therefore, english had become the working language of our time.

Is English the key to success? Know here Importance of English Langage

These days business activities, trading, people meeting, etc. are being performed through internet and these activities are done in one common language, english and due to this ,english becomes pre-eminent over various national languages spoken across the world. english is viewed as window to the world’s trade and commerce, a key factor to the future.  with globalisation and coming of multinational companies, medium of communication through one language is necessary and therefore demand for english educated workforce is increasing. english provides us with an easy way to communicate the ideas with others.

In India, english acts as a unifying force among people speaking innumerable languages and therefore, it is necessary to be proficient in english to have a better understanding with the people across different culture and it also provides a competitive edge to the employees to find a better job.  every industry we can contemplate about requires us to speak english in some or the other time. many industries like hotel industry, the businesses, the client-facing jobs, the research engineering sectors etc. demands everyone to be adept with their communication so as to clearly communicating and understanding of  the idea. english can benefit individuals in countless ways in every profession and make them any industry ready to communicate and share their ideas.

many companies adopt english as a language as it gives both common platform for trade and also employment opportunities and status to the organization. world is integrating slowly and becoming a global village and it needs a common way for interaction. the common way to interact the world is one on which most communities of the world have a common consensus but on the other hand, every community has right & duty to preserve own culture .so, for overall growth each community should take into consideration that overall growth & integration is must for everyone and in this language is just a means of communication and it becomes compulsory to adopt a single language. so, english can be accepted as it is the most widely spoken language across the globe.

speaking english is definitely the need of the present hour. in the recent scenario it is necessary for both the individual as well as organizational growth. in india, english is now considered as an official language along with hindi. it plays a vital and important role in the professional environment. therefore to survive in the tough competition and to attain success, it is imperative to speak in english. 

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