Jul 14, 2017

New teaching tool for B-Schools

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Management education in India has experienced a radical change and off-late is being offered with the most contemporary tools and ideas remembering the particular necessities of the Industry and with an overall aim to bring out the right ability who can deliver in the corporate world.

With the progressing teaching technique of case-based studies, group presentations, summer projects which are being followed by the top B-Schools there can be some attention given to the quiz-based study (particularly "Business Quiz") which can be a helpful tool for an overall understanding of the business ideas and the business environment.

Through interactions with the students of different B-Schools could experience a renewed enthusiasm and curiosity adopt this tool and to make the ideas of management understand better. Ideally, a mix of theoretical and business quiz based teaching technique can be looked at by the B-schools.    


Question: What is the new name of Planning Commission?


There can be a proper deliberation (a whole session should be dedicated) on what is NITI AAYOG and the role it plays in the government and the states. This would enable the students to have a more detailed understanding of the different government functions and the type of coordination NITI AAYOG does among the different government departments and with the states.


Question: Which famous superstar does the Brand endorsements for "Tata Motors" (has been roped in recently)

Reply: Mr. Akshay Kumar

Based on this there can be a detailed discussion on the brand endorsements (particularly for celebrities), about the Tata Group (on corporate governance), the methodology adopted for its different firms (can be a part of the class on Strategy), vision for the firm going ahead.

This would be a good exercise for the students to relate their theoretical ideas with particular illustrations from the Tata Group (in fact a detailed study of the group would allow the students to have a total understanding of the management courses).

The Institutes can have a dedicated faculty to prepare and mentor the students on the business quiz-based teaching technique who need to have the required passion and excitement and most importantly the creativity to embrace this subject (else the activities wouldn't be that value-added).

On the other hand, the Institute can outsource a resource (an Industry person with a communication industry background) for this reason. An MBA degree is a capability (rather would state it is an experience) which develops a man (overall makes him/her a well-groomed personality) and quizzing helps in better understanding of the Corporate Scenario and the managements ideas (makes the teaching strategy more fascinating) and furthermore is a good extra- curricular action.

With the changing desires of the corporate world ("MBAs" with most contemporary expertise sets being more sought after) and with the Industry looking at B-School graduates who are very much groomed and partial to work in a fiercely competitive environment business quiz based teaching technique can be the correct tool for giving the management ideas and the proposition can be deliberated with the different partners related with the B-School and implemented in the Two Years MBA Course.

India is changing and experiencing a fast change thus also, can be the approach of our B-Schools.

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