Mar 9, 2018

MBA and PGDM Programs in India How much do they cost and what should you keep in mind

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Getting a management education after college or school has become skyrocketing expensive. Institutes are charging a hefty amount of money as tuition fee and students do not have many choices left. Many students find it difficult to take a decision as to what college to choose. This decision is primarily dependant on a few factors, some of them being:


1. Placement Opportunities and Salary offered.

The College’s tuition fee is justifiable if the placement opportunities offered to students at the end of the term are commensurate. The starting salaries offered also need to be in sync. Just for securing a Management degree should not command the hefty money involved, to be paid by students wanting to pursue the course. SMS College offers placement opportunities to 100 percent of its students, with starting salaries in sync with current industry standards.

2. Faculty.

The tuition fee charged by the college is also dependant on the quality of teachers and professors who come to teach the students. Guest lecturers and professionals from the industry are bound to charge a lot more per session when compared to i- house faculty members. SMS College offers a healthy mix of faculty members who are on the payrolls as well as the industry professionals, talking about real life situations.

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3. Exposure to other extra-curricular activities.

The College that you choose should be well established to organise extra-curricular activities for its students such as Seminars, Talks inviting external guests, inter college festivals and so on.

4. College Infrastructure.

You do not want to pay a stupendous amount of money if the infrastructure in the college is not up to the mark. A well-equipped library, play grounds auditoriums become some of the pre requisites.

5. College Tuition Fee and Ease of securing loans if required.

Of course this is another important factor. The amount of money one needs to shell out for the two years of college life has a huge impact what College the student eventually goes ahead with. Education loans and he ease with which students get access to them play a pivotal role in the decision making process.

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